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"These Days" The New EP from Caitie Andreen

Caitie Andreen is one of those people who have a magic way of forcing a smile out of you. Through her music and personality she is definitely a star. I am not referring to some far off star. Her music and personality does not put her fans at a distance. She pulls you in just enough to feel warm and comfortable like the sun our planet circles around.

This theme is all through her EP “These Days”. However, I am not saying every song is centered around being happy. They do create this feeling that Caitie has been there. Her writing connects you to the story and she is that warm light pulling you from the cold. 

Caitie Andreen is the new generation of female artists whose writing is challenging their male counterparts. She is paving her own way in country music in a big way. Go ahead and check out “These Days” by selecting your favorite music service below. Caitie Andreen is an artist to watch in 2019.

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