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Country Artist Jordan Mohr Shows Real Life Can be Scary with “Haunted House”

We are inching ever so close to Halloween. Though I have to admit, it has never been one of my favorite holidays, even as a kid. That said, I have to admit this year, I have felt a little more excited. My excitement has nothing to do with parties or the endless candy but the music that has come out this month. A handful of artists have used the holiday as the inspiration for their latest single. One of those artists is Jordan Mohr, with her new single “Haunted House”.

Halloween songs are not new. Many fan favorites will hit the radio this week. Yet, I find the singles that were released this year tell a different story. Country artists have used the holiday as a backdrop to tell stories that relate to actual people, not goblins and ghosts. Country newcomer Jordan Mohr has taken this approach with her latest single, “Haunted House”.

Squealing fiddles, electric guitar riffs, and Jordan’s vocals are enough to haunt you. Yet, the lyrics tell an even scarier story, one of a broken home and relationships that are even more shattered. Many movies, TV shows, and songs romantically portray the bad boy. “Haunted House” does the exact opposite.

We can laugh at and feel good about The Fonz, yet Jordan, with her co-writers Michael and Caroline Walker, push a story that will send chills down your spine. They say truth is stranger than fiction. Well, I am here to tell you “Haunted House” delivers on that statement. In real life, most bad boys are a product of poisonous relationships at home and elsewhere. “His mom was a ghost fading in and out.” is a line out of this song that stood out to me and pulled everything together because I have seen this in families I know personally.

"Haunted house" Jordan Mohr


Is “Haunted House” for everyone? No, it’s not. That said, certain people are going to have a strong connection with this single. A lot is going on with this song, and it will leave you creating your own ending. I highly recommend adding it to your playlist. All the links you need are below. Whether it’s for you or not, I would keep a close eye on Jordan Mohr. She was brave to release a song like this for her first single, and I have the utmost hope that she will continue pushing boundaries. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more music and recipes on the way!

"Haunted House" Jordan Mohr 2nd Photo

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