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"It Could've Been You" The Instant Classic From Bryan Frazier

If someone handed me music from Bryan Frazier with no labeling I would instantly assume it was from a country artist during the late nineties. This might seem like backward movement given the state of country music today. Country music today is injected with a lot of pop and R&B. I am not necessarily saying that is a bad thing. However, country music is moving closer to losing it’s identity. What made country music so popular is that it told stories that connected to everyday people. I realize times have changed and rural America is shrinking, but if we bend country music too far it is broken and lost. That is why I find artist like Bryan Frazier so important to country music. Artist such as Bryan pull back the reins just enough, to prevent country music from riding over the edge.

I picked his single “It Could’ve Been You” because it is my favorite, but I am splitting hairs at this point. “Appalachia Gold” and the rest of Bryan’s tracks are just as good. Bryan Frazier songs are filled with country gold, but they are injected with just enough rock to make the music feel fresh. They tell great stories of love lost, love gained, and rural America being forgotten. I have yet to spend much time in the mountains Bryan calls home, but his well crafted stories bring me there and make me want to relate.

Bryan Frazier is an artist to add to your favorite playlist. He is making what was old new again in a very big way. Down Below we gathered some links to all of his music. Go check them out. There is no doubt you will be seeing more of him here at Southern Fellow and all of country music. 

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