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“Me and Luke” the new single from Karissa Ella

If you have been reading our reviews and such for any length of time you will know that there are some huge artists that I am not big on. That list has grown tremendously ever since I started Southern Fellow. I am telling you right now there are so many artists you may never heard of that are much better than mainstream radio.  It’s like comparing Dominos to a real authentic pizzeria . This is what’s taking place today on The Luncheonette. We have one of my new favorite female artist singing about one of my least favorite mainstream artist.

I realize I am a minority when I say I am not a huge fan of Luke Bryan. It mostly stems from my hatred of bro country. It always has felt a little juvenile to me.  I do understand the appeal and again understand I am a minority. So when I approached Karissa Ella’s new single “Me and Luke” I had a bittersweet feeling. I loved her self titled EP in 2018 and “Vacay” her other new single of 2019. I had a hard time with this title. So once “Me and Luke” was released I pushed my feelings aside and gave it a listen.

The thoughts I picked up from this song is the reason this article has been written. Am I Luke fan now? No! Am I still a fan of Karissa Ella? You bet and probably more so. Why? Because Karissa took a topic that I disliked, told her story and somehow someway made me connect to the song.  She did this well enough for me, yes me, to add it to my playlist. Karissa Ella moved me in a direction I was not planning to go. That is what makes good country music and Karissa Ella one of the best new artists in the genre. I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

As alway we made it easy for you. Down below you can get your hands on “Me and Luke” and all Of Karissa Ella’s music. Please check it out! Thanks for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time.

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