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I Remember How Remarkable Kelsey Lamb Is with “When I Remember You”

It has been a while since I thought about my first real love story. It ended in such a bitter-sweet way that it’s hard to think about. When I first heard “When I Remember You”, the new single from country artist Kelsey Lamb it put all those feelings into words. Something I could never do in a million years. I guess I’ll chuck it up to me being a guy, always trying to keep my emotions in check. This single shook some of those feelings loose and the firm grip I once had, softened.

As much rage as I want to feel after that first love, I can’t make myself get angry with her or how we ending things. Even if I wanted to, there is no way to go back. All the bridges were burned to ash a long time ago. I do, from time to time, look from my shoreline and remember. When I do this, my mind doesn’t go back to the world, dark and on fire. It goes to the day at the country fair when all we wanted was each other’s touch or that night when we were way overdressed for that little restaurant. There were a lot of eyes on us, but we hardly noticed. Those are times I remember, and “When I Remember You” brought me back there.

I have mentioned this before. Kelsey Lamb is the queen of heartbreak. In most circles, this is not an appointment many will want; in country music, this is a badge of honor. The genre’s focus is on honest stories. While many use a magnifying glass, Kelsey uses a microscope and gets deep in the details. So much so that she could create sub-genres in country music under heartbreak alone. “When I Remember You” is part of that. It’s a song with more heart than break. Frankly, there are not a ton of songs out there like it. Many artists today take a shot at a barn with a shotgun. They try to hit as many people as they can. Kelsey is more of a sniper going straight for the heart. “When I Remember You” may not be for everyone, but this single is going to hit some of you in a big way as it did me.

"When I Remember You" Kelsey Lamb


“When I Remember You” is an excellent addition to your playlist. I think the acoustic version is the best, but you can make up your own mind about that. All the links you need are below. Also, I highly encourage you to follow Kelsey Lamb. She is someone that is going to be making great music for a long time. Do you want to learn more about her? We have an easy solution. Check out her full interview on Feed the Band and try The Best Orange Infused Buttermilk Donuts with Chocolate Dipping Sauce recipe she inspired. It’s one of our most popular recipes on the website. Thank you for reading this review on The Luncheonette. We have more music and recipes on the way!

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