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Jessica Lynn is Getting Away with A Lot of Fun With Her New Single “Getaway Car”

If you follow anything we do here at Southern Fellow, Jessica Lynn should be a name you know. She took last year by storm and, shortly after, became our 2020 artist of the Year. It took me a minute to recognize how Jessica fit in the country music landscape, but Jess never gave up on me. She spun me around so fast, and I am still recovering from the whiplash. Simply put, Jessica is one hell of an entertainer and has become a good friend. She just released her brand new single, “Getaway Car,” and I haven’t stopped tapping my feet yet.

Usually, I try to dive deep into a song. My approach is to look at a song from behind the artist’s eyes and from my own. Today I have no intention to. “Getaway Car” is not the song for that. This track is fun and straightforward. That is what makes it work.  Jessica doesn’t spell out the story for you letter by letter. She leaves enough space for you to fit your own life in it.  A lot can happen in a car on the open road, and Jessica gives you a chance to explore that.

Unfortunately, there is a piece of the song I can’t bring to you. Jessica is the only one that can do that. When I first listened to “Getaway Car”, the first thing to pop into my head was a large crowd singing every word back to Jessica on stage. I dropped a hint at the beginning of all this. Jessica Lynn is a world-class entertainer. After watching her Christmas special, Jessica is going raise “Getaway Car” to a whole other level on stage. That said, if you get word she is playing in your town run, don’t walk to the show. It’s going to be one of the best ones you have ever seen.

“Getaway Car” is available for your listening pleasure. Make sure to add it to your favorite playlist. All the links are down below. After you take that car ride, Check out our full interview with Jessica Lynn and try the recipe for Vegan Italian Inspired Cheese Grits with a Mushroom Ragu she inspired.

"Getaway Car" Jessica Lynn


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