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Craig Campbell Speaks A Language I Can Get Behind with “Talk Country To Me”

Every day it seems country music keeps going farther and farther from it’s roots. There are still some of us who’s cowboy boots are more than a fashion statement. We bale hay, work cows, and drive old trucks. It  feels good to know there are people in Nashville that still can connect to our way a life. Craig Campbell in one of those artists and his latest single “Talk Country To Me” is saying what people like me want to hear.

“Talk Country To Me” represents a lifestyle that might be alien to some, including new artist filling the ranks of the country music scene. It represents a life worth living especially with someone else. This single is definitely a good ol’ boy song, but there is a little more to it.

Looking at “Talk Country To Me” you will find a love song, but it’s story could go two ways.  One direction shoots to Craig personally. I am not married myself, but I can imagine that Craig Campbell and his wife talk country all the time. So a song like this reaffirms that connection. As for me, this song represents a love song waiting to be answered. I think these two scenarios represent a majority of people who listen to country music.

“Talk Country To Me” is a great addition to your playlist. All the links you need are below. While you are there, check out our full interview with Craig Campbell and give the recipe he inspired a try. It is really tasty!

Beer Braised Greens

When Craig Campbell shared is love for mustard greens we could not help but create a new spin to a classic southern dish.

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