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“T-Shirt” the brand new single from Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards is a popular artist here at Southern Fellow and for good reason. She has powerful vocals that can fill a room with magic. Angel Edwards also has a pop sound, but don’t let that scare you. She adds enough to sound youthful, but not enough to pull country music up by it’s roots. Her latest single “T-Shirt” really shows off her skillfulness in balancing these two genres.

I interview a lot of female artist here and as a guy it makes doing reviews like this difficult. There are some things I have a hard time relating to. Do not translate that to bad songwriting or that female artist are not as good at their male counterparts. Today as a guy, I believe in the past few years new female artists have surpassed male artists in quality and staying true to what country music is at it’s core. This is in general terms however. There are plenty of great male artists.

That paragraph brings me to “T-Shirt” the new single from Angel Edwards. I love the flow of the music and the range of her voice. Angel Edwards is a first class artist. I do have a hard time relating to the lyrics and that’s ok. As a guy I don’t think this song was written for me. I still can appreciate it. I think guys like me need to listen to a few more songs like this. It helps us relate to our “better” half. It’s songs like “T-Shirt” that reminds us to be aware of our actions. “T-Shirt” to me is a warning for us men to dig a little deeper and be more honest with those that we love. Any man worth a damn should work to avoid heartbreak at all cost. If anything the pain should fall on us.

This is how I truly appreciate songs like “T-Shirt”. They remind me to be a better partner and man. I think many women will relate to this track and find comfort in this relatable song. Reflecting on that, it’s a pretty sad world we find ourselves in sometimes. So let’s work to make our relationships better by loving more and being a little less selfish.

So if you need a great heartbreak song or needing to be reminded to love a little bit harder “T-Shirt” is the song for you. Angel Edwards is throwing some big punches with her latest single. As always, we made it easy for you. Down below click on your favorite music service to listen to “T-Shirt”. Also you can check out our full interview with Angel Edwards and the recipe she inspired. Thanks for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time.


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