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Our interview with Angel Edwards

Let me be honest with you. I started Southern Fellow just to share some recipes with family and friends. It was going to be a pet project of mine, similar to someone writing a journal. I just wanted to share a few stories and some recipes I had been working on. I had no idea how to build a website, take photos, or do anything a food blogger should know. So I spent weeks teaching myself the ins and outs of websites and purchased a camera. Now I can’t even begin to tell you the many mistakes I have made because the number must be in the millions. However, in short time, people across the globe were looking at and commenting on my recipes and personal stories. Then I did my first interview and it was like pouring gasoline on a single match. I had to learn faster, and post more often to feed this fire before it just blew up in my face and died. I went from a personal food blog to the food and entertainment website that you see today. This created more challenges to overcome.

Now I am in a sea of food and entertainment writers that are all trying to get your attention with beautiful photos and putting blog posts out at a feverish pace. Sometimes I feel like a needle in a stack of needles among my colleagues. However with all these challenges, sleepless nights, and trying that recipe one more time, I have found my place. I have found my family. I have connected with you. You have brought Southern Fellow into your home and shared all the love with your family and friends. For that I am most grateful. Our next artist on Feed the Band has shared a similar journey.

Angel Edwards may have always known what she wanted to do, but moving to a city filled with people with a same dream has its difficulties. She was a songwriter, among songwriters. Angel Edwards had to carve her own way into the music scene. It was a struggle. She often tried to write songs that she thought would appeal to the masses, rather than sharing her own personal truths. It took a little time to reflect and realize what country music was at its core. It is a genre of raw truths. It was coming to this realization that led to her latest single “High on the Good Times”.

“High on the Good Times” is a song that is drenched in raw emotions. It’s lyrics are about a relationship that has extreme highs and lows. They are powerful and the emotions are wrapped up in every note of the melody. Angel Edward’s powerful vocals push this song to a whole new level that makes you want to hold on to every word. This well written song has really separated Angel Edwards from the crowd. She is working on an EP. If all of the songs are as powerful as “High on the Good Times”, Angel Edwards will carve out her spot in country music.

Angel Edwards wants to connect with you!

We had an opportunity to spend some time with this beautiful woman and ask her a few questions. As with every interview, we have a giveaway. Stay tuned until the end. We are going to be giving away one of our very own shirts! Here are our questions answered from the Amazing Angel Edwards.

What gave you the courage to move to Nashville and advance your songwriting?

I had a band back home in Toledo, Ohio. We played a lot of great shows and even won the local Nash Next competition. However as a songwriter, I wanted to be surrounded by people who had the same goals as I did and to be able to learn from and grow with them. My fiancé, who also is a musician,got a call from a friend in Nashville who needed a bass player. At the time we were looking for any reason to move to Nashville. It was the easiest and best decision we’ve made!

You have written quite a few songs and spent some time on the road. What advice would you give your past self?

I would tell my past self to soak in the exciting moments, no matter how big or small. I tend to focus on what’s next, and sometimes forget to take a step back and look at all that has been accomplished.

If we interviewed your best friend from high school, what would they say about you?

That I love music!

What inspires you and how do you use it in your everyday life?

My dream to one day play at the Grand Ole Opry! Every time I go, I am inspired by the history and electric atmosphere. When I get tired, I think about that and always find the strength to keep going!


What is your biggest fear?

Letting those who love me down.

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow. When writing music what recipe do you use?

I typically start with an idea or a line that I can’t stop thinking about. Then I try to build around that idea. Most importantly, I try to keep it simple so that I can have room to build the song.

If i gave you $5 to spend at a local Dollar Store, what would you buy?

A shower liner (I’ve been meaning to get one!)
A box of shock tarts
Cool pens
Toys for my cat
E.L.F. Makeup

What is your first fond memory of food?

I have a huge family so my parents would make a hobo dinner at my family birthday parties – tin can and all! The morning of my party, my dad and I would climb into his truck and we would buy the supplies and ingredients. When we’d get back home, he would build the fire to cook in the backyard and my mom and I would prepare the food to be placed in the can. Hours later, all of my family and friends would fill the backyard and we all eat, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.
At the time I thought it was a really weird thing to do – but today I would give anything to relive those memories.

If Southern Fellow could develop a recipe for you, what would it be?

I really love sides especially now that we are getting into the holiday season!

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Try this recipe inspired by Angel Edwards

Southern Style Green Bean Casserole

When Angel Edwards mentioned her love for sides our brain went directly to the holidays. We decided to give our spin on a dish that can be found on most dinner tables. We made it build this green bean casserole from the ground up using fresh green beans and homemade cream of mushroom. Try this on the family for a fresh twist on the classic green bean casserole!

If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about?

Either “Why is Taco Bell always closed when I’m going home” or “High on the cheese fries”

What does the next year look like for you?

I’m going to be writing and recording a lot more! I plan on coming out with an EP in 2019 and hopefully be on the road a lot more!

Tell us about your brand new single “High on the Good Times”.

I love this song because it’s so relatable. We’ve all had that relationship where you know that things aren’t good, but the good times are so good that you keep coming back for more.

Is there anything else you want your fans at Southern Fellow to know?

I’m so thankful to have such great support  from everyone! I can’t wait to continue to connect and grow with you all through music! 


Let me tell you it was an honor to have Angel Edwards here on Feed the Band. She has a bright future in country music. We would like to welcome her to the Southern Fellow family. Do we still have to remind you? You know what time it is. It is time to dust off that old playlist and add Angel Edward’s latest single. “High on the Good Times” can be found on SpotifyApple MusicYouTubeGoogle Play Music and Amazon. Before you update that playlist click below to enter our giveaway. Thank you for tuning in here at Feed the Band. Check out all of the artists featured on Feed the Band here at Southern Fellow by clicking here.

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