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“State of Mind” The Rocking New Single from Bailey Callahan

Country music artist Bailey Callahan is about is as much of an all American girl you are going to get. She is not one to shy away from getting her hands dirty and always has  enough energy to give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. She is the perfect balance of leather and lace. These character traits pour into her music and have found their way to her latest single “State of Mind”.

“State of Mind” is a heart pumpin’, toe tappin’, sing at the top of your lungs type of song. This single checks a lot of boxes for me. My first thought was how “State of Mind” would sound during a live performance. Bailey performed at our New Queens of Country Showcase back in February. Using that as a measuring stick, it’s safe to say I am probably going to have to toss that one and get a bigger stick.  If you were to just watch Bailey perform one song live, this would be the one. It’s going to be like watching a blonde stick of dynamite sing. Bailey is just one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to live performances.

Secondly, what I like about “State of Mind” is the fact that it’s pretty gender neutral compared to songs from other female artists we have featured here. It’s a song that can reach a diverse audience and I’m all for that. “State of Mind” is something I can play in the truck and not have to worry about my buddies ragging on me like the time I was caught humming “Sweet Tea”. It’s an overall fun song.

Bailey Callahan is an artist to watch and “State of Mind” is a worthy addition to your playlist. As alway, we made it easy for you. All the links you need are down below. While you are there, check out Baily’s live performance of her single “Homemade”.


"State of Mind" Bailey Callahan Post Cove

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Bailey Callahan's Latest Video

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