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Ashley Estevez Covers Loss Like Very Few Artists with “Need To Know”

Why? That simple one-word question is something I asked over and over when my father passed away in 2007. If I’m being honest, I still ask today. If there was ever someone who deserved a full and fruitful life, it was him. Yet, God had other plans. I remember the day it happened and how I felt utterly alone in a house full of people. Yet, today after listening to “Need to Know” by Ashley Estevez, it feels like there is someone out there who can relate to loss in the same way I experienced it.

It is not often that I get to talk about someone who is local here on The Luncheonette. Writing about someone you see regularly is refreshing, yet a little scary. If they don’t like the review, they can tell you to your face rather than an email. That said, Ashley shouldn’t have much to gripe about today. I’m going to stay hopeful, at least.

Ashley’s latest single, “Need to Know,” caught me off-guard. When learning about a person I plan to feature, I look for connections beyond the obvious ones, like music. Ashley’s latest single is one of those firm bonds. She can be emotionally intense at times and guarded when off the stage. Her latest single breaks down some walls to reveal a softer side of this exceptional artist.

Loss is something everyone will experience in their lifetime. Even though we all process it differently, everyone has questions. Ashley Estevez raises the major ones in “Need to Know.” If I stopped there, this single should get your attention, but there is more. Topic aside, I think this is Ashley’s best release so far. This single is well-produced, and Ashley drives the story home with her exceptional vocals. Also, if you are a 90’s country fan, you will appreciate the styles of Martina McBride and Mary Chapin Carpenter reverberating throughout this single.

"Need to Know" Ashley Estevez


Ashley Estevez needs to be on your music radar, and “Need to Know” would be a thoughtful addition to your playlist, especially if you are sorting through the emotions of loss. Without a doubt, Ashley is one of the hardest-working artists I know, and it’s such an honor to be part of her journey

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"Need to Know" Ashley Estevez Post Photo

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