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“Hillbilly Christmas” the new honest and funny Christmas album from Tara Thompson

People often think of what a country Christmas should be. There are those Who look at it from a fairy-tale perspective, while others take a real world approach. Most times truth is stranger than fiction. You can be turned off by the caraziness, or laugh and celebrate the humour in it. The later is what brought Tara Thompson here to The Luncheonette.

Tara has alway felt familiar to me. She reminds often of a friend of mine who was the beauty queen for the Florida Cattlemen’s Convention. Pretty, a little rough around the edges and when it came down to it a heart of gold. Her new Christmas album “Hillbilly Christmas” pulls all of this together in a fun holiday package.

Tara Thompson has really created a redeck classic with her new album. “Hillbilly Christmas” it really reminds me of home. Whether that’s good or bad about my life is another conversation, but because of this it does what a holiday album is supposed to do. It makes me think of my family and friends. 

Tara Thompson also adds a little more magic than stories told around a bonfire. Her rich, peppery voice and clever storytelling makes it one of the best holiday albums this year.  If you are from any of the thousands of small towns that dot this land you are going to share many laughs and a few tears with Tara.

Is “Hillbilly Christmas for you? Well, if you have to ask that question probably not. However, if just the world “hillbilly” puts a smile on your face “Hillbilly Christmas” should be on your holiday playlist. We tried to make it easy for ya with the spiked eggnog and all. Just scroll on down and the links you need are there in pictures. 

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more holiday cheer on the way. Stay tuned for more new music and recipes!

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