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Molly Lovette and Mark Taylor Inspire a Season of Giving with “Hope in the Snow”

Are you ready for Christmas or far from it? I am the latter. Every year I say I’m going to get prepared early, and every year I fall short. However, I do have one excuse to bring to my defense. It’s getting harder to buy gifts. Everyone in my circle already has so much. That all said, I have an idea. This year I think we all need to go outside our circle of friends and family. There are many out there whose holiday may not be so cheerful. Offering these individuals and families some hope may make this your best Christmas. “Hope in the Snow,” the latest song from Molly Lovette and Mark Taylor, shares this sentiment.

When I first sat down to write this review, I knew it would be hard. Why? Because Molly and Mark have pretty big hearts, and a single release like this is far from surprising. They both believe in the goodness of people and the hope the Christmas season brings. Writing heartfelt songs is one thing, but Molly and Mark took it one step further this year. They teamed up with the non-profit Best Christmas Ever, which provides a positive Christmas experience for families going through hardships.

“Hope in the Snow” is an excellent song for the season. It is one of those uplifting tracks that will give you all the holiday feels. Molly Lovette and Mark Taylor pair superbly together. Also, the lyrics will leave you all warm and fuzzy. That said, “Hope in the Snow” nudges us past words and into action. Sometimes giving can be the best gift you receive.

For some, the word “giving” just sets off the jingle bells, but don’t get your Christmas lights in a wad. Start small. Giving doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. You can donate to the BCE, your church, community organizations, and many more places. Something small could move mountains for someone else. Let’s live the spirit of Christmas this year.

Listen to "Hope in the Snow"

“Hope in the Snow” is a must-have for your holiday playlist, and then give to an organization of your choice. A small donation will fill you and someone in need with the Christmas spirit. Also, I encourage you to follow both Molly Lovette and Mark Taylor on your favorite streaming platform. They will be ringing in the new year with music you do not want to miss!

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"Hope in the Snow" post photo with Molly Lovette and Mark Taylor

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