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Stephanie Ryann Makes Me Think About Amazing People with “Regulars + Drop Ins”

Are you a regular or a drop-in? I have to admit that I was the latter for a long time. I never really had a bar or was involved in a place’s ethos. That honestly didn’t happen until recently. The Rockin’ Ranch may not be much, but it feels good to walk into a place where almost everyone knows your story and, for those who don’t, are willing to lend an ear to hear it. I got to experience this again while meeting up with country music artist Stephanie Ryann at the Cambria Hotel bar in Nashville. Because of that meeting, I feel I have pretty good insight regarding her latest single, “Regulars + Drop Ins”.

If you have been following Southern Fellow at all, you will know that Stephanie is the artist that has surprised me the most. That first meeting was impactful enough that I remember the brand of our first drink together. It was Whistle Pig and my first trying that particular bourbon. Truth be told, I don’t recall what it tasted like. I’ll I could think about was my exit strategy. My thinking at that time, at least on paper, was that the two of us were significantly different, and it was going to take no more than five minutes for the both of us to figure that out.

I am happy to say that I have never been more wrong about a person. Stephanie Ryann and I may not always get to sit next to each other and clink a couple of glasses of Whistle Pig, but we have become regulars in each other’s lives. I think relationships like this are what songs like “Regulars + Drop Ins” celebrate.

Stephanie covers the regular part, but I do have a unique drop-in. Zaandra is her name, and it has taken me months to pronounce her name correctly. She is from South Africa and one of the first people I met when I returned to the Rockin’ Ranch. Unfortunately, as part of her work program, Zaandra has to travel and will be leaving soon. I’ve never told her this, but she has significantly impacted me. Zaandra has taught me to take in the present and try everything I can, no matter how silly it may sound. Her heart seems to hold wisdom beyond her years, but she looks at things through the eyes of a child. I can’t help but think of Zaandra every time I hear “Regulars + Drop Ins”.
It’s not last call yet! There are a few other people that “Regulars + Drop Ins” makes me think about. That’s every one of you. To the regulars, thank you for everything you do. The media Industry people tell me all the time there is no way I can do all of this by myself. They are right! When I tell them the extraordinary things you all do, they are in even more disbelief. We are a family. When one takes a step forward, we all do. If you are just dropping in, thank you for being here. I hope you fall in love with our family and become regulars.

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I highly recommend jamming out to “Regulars + Drop Ins” and celebrate all the beautiful people you surround yourself with. We made it easy for you. All the links are down below. While you are listening, you can cure your sweet tooth. We created a Citrus Infused Crème Brûlée recipe for Stephanie Ryann you simply have to try! Want to learn more about her? Check out our full interview with Stephanie on Feed the Band.

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