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“Son of a Southern Man” the new single from Stafford Stevens

If country music had a garage band, it would be Stafford Stevens. I am not saying Brett and Taryn’s music is in any way amateur. It is their stripped down take on blending country and rock that makes them feel like home. The first time I heard about these two I was a little hesitant I am not going to lie. However, once I played “I Just Like the South a Little More” I was hooked. To me, Stafford Stevens was like friends who keep inviting you to their “band” practice and one day you cave and finally show up. A few minutes into it you find out your friends are pretty dang good. That feeling of surprise came to me song after song listening to Stafford Stevens.

So when they sent me “Son of a Southern Man” I prepared myself for that newness to have naturally worn off a little. I can honestly say it has not. I still have that feeling of newness and surprise I did in the beginning. They still feel like two local friends who have “made it”. This gives you a feeling of connection and ownership towards Stafford Stevens that you do not get from many artist. 

“Son of a Southern Man” relates to me personally, geographically and spiritually. Growing up on a ranch in the south you see value in the knowledge past down to you with each generation. “Son of a Southern Man” recognizes that there are some things you can not learn in school or a book. There are some lessons only life can teach you.  However, there is that figure in your life that will share his/her lessons learned to give you a head start on life. This is in hopes that you leave the world a little better than they left it.

“Son of a Southern Man” is definitely worthy of a spot on your playlist. We always make it easy for you. Down below click on your favorite music platform. There you can check out Stafford Stevens and all of their great music.  Thanks for dropping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time!

Stafford Stevens Southern Fellow 2

“Son of a Southern Man” the new single from Stafford Stevens

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