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“Night Ridin'” the new single from Shari Rowe

Shari Rowe has always been a big name here at Southern Fellow. She joined our family at the very beginning while we were still cutting our teeth and figuring out what we were going to be. Shari Rowe just fell in organically and here music has always reflected our values note by note. Her latest single is no exception and it has become my favorite song of hers in a long line of other great tracks.

“Night Ridin'” is one of those casual love songs that feels like you are being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold night. Growing up in a small town like I did, “Night Ridin'” was just the way you went on a date with little money and a whole lot of time. However, I dare you to dig a little deeper. I think this song should be an anthem for love not just for nostalgia, but to remind us to turn down the noise that overwhelms our relationships today.

What would your marriage or relationship be like if once a month you went “Night Ridin'”? Two people in a cab of a truck with no distractions. You would have to talk to each other and reconnect. How magical would it be to fall in love all over again at least once month? I challenge you to do a little “Night Ridin'” and to check out this latest single from Shari Rowe.

We made everything easy for you. Down below click on your favorite music service to add “Night Ridin'” to your playlist. Want to learn more about Shari Rowe? Check out our full interview and inspired recipe with Shari. You can find that below as well. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time!,

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