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“Christmas Eve” There is Something in the Air with Lizzie Cates’ New Single

There are two people I think of when the topic of young love comes up. The first person is Taylor Swift, and at a close second is country music artist Lizzie Cates. Taylor, I Imagine, is someone you know. As for Lizzie Cates, that may be a new name for you. Today I am here to talk about her latest single, but if you want to learn more about Lizzie, you can check out our full interview with her in the link below.

Let’s Dive into “Christmas Eve,” Lizzie Cates’ brand new holiday single. At first, I was a little disappointed that she did not do something a little more traditional. I am a little old fashioned that way. I put the song on repeat to see what I could pull from it. It was on the third play that everything clicked. The music started to hit me at a very personal level. I turned into the Ghost of Christmas Relationships Past. “Christmas Eve” brought back every relationship I had during this time of year.

I would like to tell you that they were all fond memories, but few did not go so well. However,  most of them were filled with warmth and brought back those tingling feelings that young love often brings. “Christmas Eve” reconnected me with the sensation that took place while holding hands or that first kiss. Going through these emotions, I started to think about where I am today. These feelings become diminished over the years and place an emotional attic of sorts.

The holiday song that I thought was never going to impact me has been the most impactful single of the season. “Christmas Eve” has made me realize that young love should not be reserved for a specific age group. It needs to be the beginning of every relationship. I now believe in the spirit of  Lizzie Cates’ new single and am willing to approach all new relationships like it’s my very first time. This single puts hope in the air this “Christmas Eve”.

"Christmas Eve" Official Lyric Video

Lizzie Cates "Christmas Eve"

Lizzie Cates sprinkles a dash of magic on all the songs she writes and sings. Please give “Christmas Eve” and all of her music a listen. While you are listening, take time to get to know her by reading her full interview and trying the delicious recipes she inspired!

Shrimp Egg Rolls with Sweet Heat Duck Sauce

Lizzie mentioned her love for Chinese takeout so we worked up our spin on the classic side that goes with every meal. This is takeout comfort food at it's finest!

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