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Gabrielle Metz Puts Her Eclectic Personality to Music With “Mixtape”

Who are you? Before Southern Fellow, trying to figure out the ins and outs of a person was the farthest thing from my mind. It took artists’ interest in me to trigger that change. Now it’s a big part of my identity. Some artists are easy to pin down, yet some take a little more effort. Gabrielle Metz is one of those artists, and unexpectantly her latest single, “Mixtape”, has put who she is into better focus.

I try not to have “favorites”. That’s the reason why I like to go deeper than the surface with the artists we feature on Southern Fellow. I am not looking for sensational headlines like most music media outlets. Instead, I genuinely want to get to know the person. Everyone has qualities that make them different from any other human. Yet, as humans, there are people we just cling to. From the start, Gabrielle Metz was always someone I felt I didn’t understand entirely, but at the same time, she felt familiar. Don’t feel alone if that is hard to wrap your head around. It was for me too at the time. The more I thought about Gabrielle, the more enigma she became. Then her latest single, “Mixtape,” hit my ears. This single allowed all the pieces of Gabrielle Metz to add up.

On my first trip to Nashville, I was shocked that the creative capital of country music had a herd mentality problem. I first noticed that almost every guy was dressed the same, right down to the brand of clothing. This craziness continued from the drinks people ordered to the phrases people used. Making Gabrielle fit into this mess was like trying to force the one puzzle piece you know is not the correct one to work. Then it hit me. Nashville is simply a place on a map. One part of the puzzle that is Gabrielle Metz. She is far more than Nashville. She’s a mixtape of experiences, music, and culture.

After reflecting on Gabrielle’s latest single this past week, I think we all are mixtapes. Every one of us has our own experiences and, when put together, creates an album of our life. Unfortunately, we are not able to record over past events like the days of the cassette tape, but what we can add to our playlist of life is our own choice.

"Mixtape" Official Music Video from Gabrielle Metz


I highly recommend you add “Mixtape” to your favorite playlist. Not only do I feel it’s Gabrielle’s best song yet, but I am confident that you will also relate to this single. You don’t have to work too hard to get your digital hands on it. All the links you need are below. While you are listening, be sure to check out our full interview with Gabrielle Metz. In the interview, she shares her family recipe for King Cake Bread Pudding. I wouldn’t wait until Marti Gras to try it if I were you.

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more musicrecipes, and concerts on the way!

"Mixtape" Gabrielle Metz Post Photo

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