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Kayley Bishop Sets the Bar on Heartbreak in 2023 with “Indifferent”

What can be worse than the pain that comes at the end of a relationship? I would say it’s the absence of feeling, where silence becomes louder than any fight a couple may have. Songstress Kayley Bishop shatters the quiet with her latest single, “Indifferent”.

The media is biased today regardless of what end of the spectrum you sit on. I try extremely hard to show favoritism towards any one artist. Yet, some are so extraordinary, that I can’t help myself. Kayley Bishop is one such artist, and songs like “Indifferent” are why she always finds her way into my heart.

I have had a crush on an artist like most people, and I don’t know if that’s what you would call my connection to Kayley. There is plenty to like about her on the surface. However, it is what’s just below that is magnificent. While most want to see the world in black and white, we both prefer to see life in its full color regardless if it’s agreeable to our personal feelings. Looking at relationships with no filter shows the good and bad that’s often unseen. This is apparent in Kayley Bishop’s music. It is an emotional rollercoaster. She can inspire us to repair the brokenness in all of us with songs like “Rewrite Your Story” and then shatter your heart with tracks like “Indifferent”. Reflecting while writing, I recall my fondness towards Kayley being forged in the latter.

In 2018, her single “Just Thought That You Should Know” was the first time in my life that a song brought about physical pain as I listened. The heartbreak felt all too real, though I had never experienced that type of pain in my personal life. Fast forward five years and Kayley Bishop has done it again with “Indiferent”.

Indifference is deadly in a relationship. Sometimes the most painful ending is the one you don’t feel coming. The closest thing I can compare it to is a lone hiker who breaks his/her leg on a freezing mountaintop. Miles from anyone, the only way they know they have a fighting chance is pain. When that stops, the end is near. All they can do is wait for their last breath. A 2,000-square-foot home can feel like that mountaintop when two people can’t handle the pain and work together to repair the brokenness.

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I know many of you reading this review want a song that will lift you up on your playlist. However, I strongly encourage you to add
‘Indifferent”. Not because of my connection to Kayley, but because we all need to be reminded that indifference can be a slow, silent killer in a relationship. Romantically or otherwise. Heartbreak is part of life and covering it up doesn’t make it go away. You can find it on the streaming platform of your choice all the links you need are bellow.

While listening, learn more about Kayley by reading her interview on our Feed the Band series and trying the Our Best Lemon and Blueberry Scone recipe she inspired. There is a reason she has been a trending top-five artist on our website for weeks. I have no doubt her new single will keep her there for many more weeks to come.

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