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"Girl Going Nowhere" The Album New EP From Ashley McBryde

I know, I know. Before the complaints start,  I know this is not necessarily a brand new album. I know we normally cover brand new artist. However, We are celebrating women in music this week and this album, and more specifically Ashley McBryde are important to this week our at Southern Fellow.

I have been following Ashley ever since the single “Bible and A .44”. That song really resonated with me at a deep level.  It hits multiple fronts. First, living in a small southern town there are so many of my male role models who fit in this song. Secondly, here is a woman telling the world what a man should be and the fake women haters are not going crazy. That is because it is hard to argue with the truth. You can dress it up, deny it, or avoid it and the truth will always remain the same.

This theme has carried over to “Girl Going Nowhere”. This album spends time honestly telling stories of what it is like cutting your teeth in the music business. Ashley Mcbryde shares that this journey is not full of glamour as one might think. It is a long hard road filled with small victories, rejection and struggle. However, if you search within yourself and go deep within your bones to find the truth you will find the roadmap that pushes you forward. Finding your truth is not just for aspiring singers, but for all of us who see the road others may not.

Ashley McBryde is a natural storyteller and I hope the new women in country music take note. Do not drown out the truth and your story with snap beats and empty lyrics. Strip it back a bit and own your truth. Doing this will give you a solid foundation no one can take away.

We would like to welcome Ashley McBryde to the Southern Fellow family. You can find her music everywhere. However, we made it easy for you by including some below. Than you for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time!

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