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“Beck and Call” Bailey James Beckons Us With Her Latest Single

Bailey James has been has been on Southern Fellow a few times. Each time it’s with a song better than the last, but for me there is one song I have been looking for from her. It hit me that “Beck and Call” was this very song when she performed it during our live interview a few days ago.

“Beck and Call” is amazingly fun, albeit slightly mean from a lyrical standpoint. There are three things that make this my favorite song from Bailey James.  First “Beck and Call” is the perfect use of Bailey’s soulful voice. Secondly, is that it’s extremely well put together and polished. Lastly, “Beck and Call” is a pure nostalgia trip to the 1950s. Which in return makes this song so much fun to listen to. I challenge you not to bob your head or tap your feet while jamming out to the latest song from Bailey James.

You should be listening to “Beck and Call”. Also, please don’t hold us responsible if you start dancing around the house. It’s 100% Bailey James’ fault. All the the links you need to get your digital hands on this new song are down below. While you are there, check out our full interview with Bailey and the amazing Mac and Cheese recipe she inspired.

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