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"New Heart/Old Soul" The Powerful New EP From Jess Jocoy

I am going to be honest. When Jess Jocoy came across  my desk I overlooked her. It was not for any particular reason. I just was trying to handle all the music I already had in front of me. We actually had a few conversations before I even listened to the first note of her EP. This is in reverse of my normal practice. This time a fell in love with the person before the music. However, with Jess it is truly one in the same.

Jess is slightly soft spoken, but her words and lyrics carry weight. Her EP “New Heart/Old Soul” is a good reflection of that. In every song she carries this weight not as baggage, but owns it and handles imperfections as a badge of honor. She is honest about it and it carries over to her personal life.

Jess Jocoy tells honest stories like very few artist can. “The Time Between” is a prime example of that. She dares you to pull back the layers to understand the story. Her stories are timeless and will relate to people long after my lifetime.

Jess has become a personal friend of mine over the past few months. This could make me sound bias. I did fall in love with the person before the music. However, I will tell you again they are one in the same.

You can find her EP wherever you get your music. We made a list with links below to make the process easier. I guarantee you are going to fall in love with Jess Jocoy just as I have. Go check out her music and keep watching for new music. Jess Jocoy’s story is far from done.

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