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Alyssa Marie Coon Grows Up with “Before I’m Out There”

Do you remember high school? Those memories are getting a little fuzzy for me even though they live on through stories told by friends and photos my momma keeps. Yet, one thing I do remember is wondering what my life would be like after I graduated and if I was equipped enough to meet the demands of adulting. All these feelings came rushing back when “Before I’m Out There,” the latest single from Alyssa Marie Coon showed up on my radar.

Alyssa is someone that will easily pull a smile from you. That is unless you are heartless. If you simply look at her age, you might feel that the smile she demands is a product of being naive. Yet, that would be incorrect. Her joy is the cornerstone of her character. I got to experience this first hand in Orlando when I saw her perform at Ole Red. That joy instilled in her at an early age has built her career as an exceptional entertainer and songwriter. ”Before I’m Out There” is a prime example. The music business is not for the faint of heart, but I think Alyssa Marie Coon has enough heart to take it on.

“Before I’m Out There” is about growing up from a girl’s perspective, yet from what I remember of my high school days, there is plenty of overlap for the boys. Growing up is hard, regardless of gender. The world feels like it gets bigger. That’s because, as an adult, you get to build it. For the most part, the guard rails are off. You get to choose everything you do, big and small. You have to figure out what is important and fight like hell to keep it. Fortunately for Alyssa, she is already well prepared to cross this threshold.

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The latest from Alyssa Marie Coon is one of my favorite singles she has released. Young or old, I think there is a little something for everyone. “Before I’m Out There” deserves a spot on your playlist. All the links you need are below. Also, I highly recommend you follow Alyssa on her social. I have no doubt she will have a long and successful career.

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