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“Money Tree” soulful new single from Kayley Hill

People are always asking me what and who I really listen to. I listen to everything I can to be honest. Our family is more than one person and we all have different taste. So when I review music I think about the people who would be listening to that particular song. I do have personal favorites. Those artists that really pull me in at a personal level. Today is one of those artists.

When people ask me who they should be listening to, Kayley Hill is always on the list. Everytime she hints of new music my ears perk up. Her new single “Money Tree” is a prime example of why her name always comes up in conversation.

“Money Tree” is a foot stomper. If your feet are not tapping along with the music, check your pulse. You might be dead. The flow of the base is delightfully contrasted with guitars and a harmonica. Layered over the great music is Kayley’s voice. It pours over everything like warm honey. Kayley Hill’s voice is rich, soulful and her vocal range is deliciously smooth rolling all over the song.

“Money Tree” is a fun song that is going be stuck in your head. So much that you might get caught singing it at work without even knowing it. I highly recommend you add “Money Tree” to your playlist and tell your friends about it. They are going to want to know what you are singing. Click on your favorite music platform down below to add it to your playlist. There you can also check out our full interview and inspired recipe with Kayley Hill.

Thank you for stopping by The Luncheonette. We have so much more music on the way.  We will see you next time right here at Southern Fellow.

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