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“Palm Reader” Christie Huff’s Future is Crystal Clear

People always ask me who my favorite artist is. I have a hard time answering that question. I like artists for different reasons. It could be a song or the energy I pull from them in conversation. There has been one artist that has always remained in the back of my mind since the first day we met. Christie Huff is the most well rounded artist I have had the opportunity to know. Her latest single “Palm Reader” demonstrates her creative prowess, while at the same time keeping all of the thing that have made her one of the top artists here at Southern Fellow.

I will admit that “Palm Reader” as a title alone, did not hit me the way I wanted it to. I am sure that Christie was pushing for the title to have some mystical properties. As for me, I wasn’t falling for it at first. I can admit now my crystal ball was broken. My cynicism vanished quickly as soon as the first few lines of the new single. I have never looked at the title the same way since.

Christie’s voice is the star of the show. It’s rich and full. For me it’s like Norah Jones. Once you hear it, you crave it. It’s so good that if she was to sing “Palm Reader” in Portuguese, I would still listen to it.  An enchanting voice is a good start to a song, but it needs more to really shine.  Christie Huff completes the package with her awe-inspiring storytelling. 

More often than not, I have never had a taste for songs around the subject of longing for someone. Christie took “Palm Reader” to a place I was not expecting. Instead of using the title as some cheesy hook to sell shallow lyrics, Christie Huff has added a lot of meat to her latest ballad. I have to say, I am enjoying every bite. Love is often looked at as something gained or lost, but “Palm Reader” captures that grey area in between. It does it so strongly that even I can’t help but be pulled in. Christie well on her way to being one of the top women in country.  That is crystal clear with songs like “Palm Reader”.

Now that my crystal ball is fixed, I can see “Palm Reader” on your favorite playlist. Knowing that ahead of time, I made it easy for you. All the links you need, as well as the official music video are down below. Christie Huff has definitely put a spell on me and you are next.

"Palm Reader" Christie Huff

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"Palm Reader" Official Music Video from Christie Huff

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