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“Why so many female artists?” is a question that crosses my desk from time to time. The honest answer is because the ladies are the gender telling honest stories these days. As a man myself, the bullet is hard to bite, even for me. However, all you have to do is listen to one song from our next artist on Feed the Band and you will realize that storytelling and music is in her DNA. It’s not something she has to do, but it’s the fuel that drives her soul.

Kayley Bishop is a name I will drop anytime someone asks me about the direction country music should take. Haven’t heard of her? Well you need to. Kayley did not form out of thin air. She has been featured on The Voice and seen her share of highway. Her work ethic is fierce by any standard. However, her music and honesty are truly her biggest selling point. Kayley Bishop’s sound is familiar and new all at the same time, something every artist should strive for. She deserves a place next to Cam, Kacey, Dolly and Reba.

Kayley and I have have been talking for a few years. She drew me in like a moth to a light, but I am not complaining. She is raw, honest and her heart is always on her sleeve. I know at this point I sound like an extreme fanboy, but that is because Kayley Bishop is the same woman in both her music and personal life. You can keep punching, looking for a glass wall that separates these two sides, but all you are going to hit is air.

Kayley Bishop is a traditional country artist. However, her powerful vocals can easily pull in some soul. “Sunday Best” is as country as you can get with lyrics, but it is Kayley’s voice that pulls you into the emotions. Her vocals pull you in so deep that you can feel her story in your bones. Not only that, but it rattles them so much that after the song is over you feel like you lived through the story being sung. If you don’t think that makes for a good song, music is just not your thing.

"Sunday Best" Music Video

As I said, I have been talking with Kayley for months. So let’s get down to business. Check out the recipe inspired by Kayley. Also, enter that giveaway at the end of the interview. Here is our interview with Kayley Bishop.

Tell us about your road to Nashville.

I landed in Nashville at the very end of 2013, with green eyes and an appetite for learning all the things Nashville had to offer. I came from a background in musical theater, studying at Boston Conservatory, and after singing on a cruise ship for a season, I was ready to relocate to Nashville and start the next chapter of music in my life.


Describe the perfect country song.

The perfect country song has to be either transformative, get you to critically think or make you wanna dance. It’s all about the storytelling, lyrical craft, or that melodic hook.


If you could not play music, what do you think you would be doing?

I used to say, I’d be fluent in Spanish and pursuing linguistics or something abroad since I love people and traveling, but then it changed to construction because I like to make things with my own hands, and now I don’t have time to think of other things. Haha This career takes enough of my mental horsepower, so not much is left over to tend to “what if’s”. I’m also very keen on fostering impactful relationships with friends and collaborators, so that’s time consuming, as well. 


What is your biggest fear?

Fear is all faith related to me. I suppose my biggest fear is missing what God has for my life because I didn’t stop and listen well enough or because I lost sight of the real prize, which ultimately, is bringing Him glory.

Connect with Kayley

Kayley Bishop

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow; when writing music, what recipe do you use? 

I start with my own stories, and jot down a couple titles, then bring it to someone I trust to help my flesh out the rest. Truthfully, there’s no one definitive way it happens, you have to stay open to the inspiration and let the song develop as it should. 


If Merriam-Webster was to define your music, what do you think that definition would say? 

I hope it would say that I sound like Aretha told Dolly Parton to write her story and then ask Bob Seger’s band to back her up when she sang it. Something like that. 🙂


What is your first fond memory of food?

This is gonna sound awful but man did I want cheesballs, fruit roll ups, and lunchables when I was kid- basically all the bad things. But I also remember loving my mom’s stuffed peppers, as well. 


Who is your hero?

Dolly, Aretha, no brainer. They have done it all.


What makes you laugh the most?

When I have time, I love a good sitcom like Seinfeld, or Parks ‘n Rec. I also love belly laughs with my friends. They tend to give me a lot of those.


What does 2022 – 2023 look like for you?

So far, a ton of touring and writing and hopefully some industry “leveling up”. I’m ready and itchy for more platform, just not sure how it’s going to look.

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Kayley Bishop is an instant classic, and so is this recipe for Our Best Lemon and Blueberry scone, This recipe will be a weekly tradition with your family.

Easy Fancy Steak Sauce

This sauce is sweet, tangy, and carries a little kick. Because of this, it pairs well with steak and Kayley Bishop.

If you could write with anyone, living or who has passed on, who would that person be?

Don McLean, Aretha, Dolly, Bob Seger. Haha, I’m predictable at this point.

You know I can’t get enough of your new music. Tell us about your latest single,”Sunday Best”. What inspired you to write that song?

The church, though designed to be an example of Christ’s love, can often be a place where we find the most judgment. “Sunday Best” is all about the feeling of wanting to hide your sin when you walk through the doors. I’ve found that people mostly don’t want to feel alone with whatever they’re going through. Sure, many want help and a solution, but more than anything, they want to be seen. Isolation is one of the most dangerous snares.

What is the best gift you have been given?

My most treasured gift is one that has come in the last few years. It’s a gift of sight into the heart of God’s people. I feel like I’ve never been able to love people better than I have loved people now. I no longer see bad behavior. First, I see the heart behind it, and typically it always starts with a wounded one.

Is there anything else you want your family at Southern Fellow to know?

I could always veer off into a litany of guiding words, but instead of preaching, I’ll change the topic and just say, I still love a medium rare ribeye.

That is Kayley Bishop, everyone. If you see her at a concert, on the street or on social media, welcome her to the Southern Fellow family. I don’t need to say it, but I am going to say it anyways. Dust off that playlist and add all of Kayley’s music. You can find it on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon and YouTube. Make sure you check out that giveaway below. Thank you for tuning in here at Feed the Band. We have more music and recipes coming soon to Southern Fellow. Stay tuned!

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