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“I Like the Way” The Everyday Love Song from Lizzie Cates

There are those huge love songs that capture one special moment and then there are those songs who gather the bits and pieces of everyday. Country music artist  Lizzie Cates celebrates the latter with her brand new single “I Like the Way”.

Lizzie is one of those people you just have to love and for me in the beginning it was aggravating. I could not point to any one thing to explain it. It’s like she is from a 90’s sitcom. That good friend in the group that was always there. The person that seems to celebrate the mundane everyday things in life. Her Latest single “I Like the Way” reinforces this, but at the very same time adds to the appreciation I have Lizzie and her music.

This song strips down relationships to what is important. Forget grand gestures and gifts. The glue that holds a relationship together are the small everyday things. That is what couples should focus on and “I Like the Way” reminds us of that. The important part of a relationship is not always the thing we are doing, but who we are doing them with. A couple’s simple car ride for iced coffee can mean just as much to a relationship as an anniversary celebration. 

“I Like the Way” is the everyday love song that we all need. We made it easy to get your digital hands on it. All the links you need are below. While you are there check out our full interview with Lizzie Cates and try the amazing recipes she inspired.

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