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“Do it Like” The Self Aware Powerful New Single From JessLee

I am going to be upfront. “Do it Like” the new single from JessLee feels more like a pop song, than country. Is that a bad thing? In my opinion no. Just know that this song is going to feel more like Ariana Grande, and less like traditional country music. Once that layer is pulled back, “Do it Like” really showcases all of what I love about JessLee.

JessLee’s powerful vocals are on full display in her latest single. This is not really surprising for someone like me who has been part of her music career for the past two years. What I have learned about JessLee is that she rarely, if ever, backs down from a challenge as a bodybuilder or in her music career. “Do it Like” is a great example of that. It can be extremely challenging waters to navigate for a country artist to lean more to pop. “Do it Like” is such a well crafted song I stopped worrying about the genre, and started enjoying the song about fifteen seconds in.

To put it simply, “Do it Like” is another great song from JessLee. Her powerful vocals, creative lyrics and catchy tempo is just proof that no one can do it like JessLee. “Do it Like” is well deserving of your playlist and I highly recommend that you check it out. All the links you need are below.

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