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“Damn Boy” by Christina Taylor Music Video World Premiere

The latest music video for country music artist Christina Taylor’s single “Damn Boy” is officially out! We are excited here at Southern Fellow to be able to premiere this fantastic video. I also had the opportunity to catch up with Christina and ask her a few questions about her latest video, the single, and of course, food. Check it out!

Q & A with Christina Taylor

Tell us about your single “Damn Boy”.

“Damn Boy” is a song about being in love with someone who is not ready for what love has to offer. I think we’ve all been on either side of that situation at one point or another.


What’s the most challenging part of the music video process for you?

The most challenging part is making sure I’m getting the point of the song across visually. I am creative when it comes to words and melodies but not as much when it comes to visual. That’s why I always make sure I work with a videographer that really knows what they’re doing and can help me get my point across in the best way possible.


Where was the video shot and why was that location chosen?

There were multiple locations for this music video, but my favorite shots were the scenes in the convertible. I felt it represented how fast the relationship was moving!


Here at Southern Fellow, we are big foodies. Was there any food available on set? If not, you must have been hungry. What were you thinking about munching on?

We all got a big Zaxby’s lunch that day. The house salad with fried chicken is my go-to!


Where would be your dream music video location?

My dream music video location would probably be on a lake. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to film a big lake party for one of my videos but have not had the right song come along yet. Hopefully next summer I’ll have a song that will fit a lake party theme!


What input did you have in the overall creative process of “Damn Boy’?

I had a lot of input in the creative prosses for the video for “Damn Boy”. My videographer, Lexy Burke, also helped me so much with coming up with the concept for the video.


“Damn Boy” is more of a post-breakup anthem than a traditional country heartbreak song. What do you think is the best way to recover from a broken relationship?

I think the best way to recover from a broken relationship is to surround yourself with family and friends. I feel that filling up your time with people that can lift you up and help take your mind off of the hurt is the healthiest way to get through heartbreak.

"Damn Boy" Christina Taylor

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