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“Caught Me On A Bad Day” from UK Artist Amy Jo Video Premiere

Looks matter. Or do they? I think it’s safe to say we all judge people on appearance. That gets magnified in relationships and then ten times more in breakups. When two people know each other well, they can pick up on the small things that no one else can. When you are in love, that information tells you what your partner needs. In a breakup, it gauges which party is doing better. “Caught Me On A Bad Day” from UK country artist Amy Jo lets us all know appearances may not always be what we think.

First off, I have to say I’m excited that I got to do this premiere. Amy Jo has been a pleasure to get to know. She is a talented songwriter and artist, but it is who she is as a person that makes her shine. Amy lights up the world and the people around her. Because of this, songs about breakups and heartbreaks from this UK artist sting a little more for all of us. Amy Jo has created an antidote to relieve some of the sting in the form of a music video.

To be honest, as a song, I had a hard time writing about “Caught Me On A Bad Day.” Why? Well, I’m a guy, and there are certain things we don’t experience in the same way. It took a two-hour Zoom call with Amy and this video for me to feel comfortable covering this particular topic. Now I’m ready to dig in.

Meeting your ex for the first time after you split feels like taking the first steps on a battlefield. You know there are landmines all around that you must avoid, and the person who steps on the least wins the day. “Did she forget to brush her hair?” Boom! One point for me. “Did the barista just shut him down? That has to be at least three points. Right?”. Yet, in reality, there is no battlefield or landmines. Only two people are trying to move on with their lives.

“Caught Me On A Bad Day” takes a deep dive into all these emotions, but I think Amy pushes a little more with this song and video. Appearances and breakups aside, Amy Jo highlights that it’s OK, not to be OK. People will always assume things, but assumptions are rarely the truth. Your happiness should never depend on what someone else thinks.

UK Country Artist Amy Joe

Amy Jo UK Artist "Caught Me On A Bad Day"


I hope you enjoyed this video and single as much as I have. The future is bright for our newest family member. I highly recommend you follow Amy Jo on your socials and favorite streaming platform. We Have links to “Caught Me On A Bad Day” below.

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Amy Jo

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