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“Birthdays and New Years” New Music Equals an Amazing Direction for Montana Modderman

What a year 2020 has been. We have had more downs than ups, but today we will end the year on a high note. We are going back to the beginning. One of our first artists has released a new single, and it’s the first breakup song that has put a smile on my face. Country music artist Montana Modderman just released “Birthdays and New Years”. After listening to it, I immediately noticed how far her career has come.

Montana has had some great songs. “Didn’t Mean To” and “Made About You” are notable tunes. However, “Birthdays and New Years” is more polished. I am by no means a music professional, but the songwriting and music production demonstrates that Montana Modderman is ready for prime time. Montana Modderman, like other young female artists we feature, link their musical style to Taylor Swift. I think that holds artists back. This single feels as if Montana sat down and ask herself some important questions and gave serious thought to what direction she wants to head.

“Birthdays and New Years” is a story most of us have experienced and have heard on the radio over and over the past few years. To be honest, before a few days ago, I was utterly exhausted when it came to female breakup songs. I braced myself when Montana mentioned a new single. All that went away within 30 seconds of listening. If it wasn’t for me being in a coffee shop, I think I would have stood up gave Montana applause. It’s the right balance of story and hook. Not only that, “Birthdays and New Years” overall production tells the story. This single is all about how long emotions and their echoes last after a breakup. Montana was smart enough to add them in. Most of the time, I feel additions like that are misused, but this time it worked.

Following Montana the past two years and listening to “Birthdays and New Years”, a strong visual has stuck with me. It’s of Montana standing at a crossroad in the middle of an open field stretching farther than the eye can see. She looks to the back, left, right, and finally forward. She then takes a deep breath. Instead of taking a path that many have taken before, she steps into the grass and starts making her own path through the field. Her latest single is that first step, and I can’t wait to walk her new path with her.

“Birthdays and New Years” is a song worthy of any playlist, and I encourage you to walk along with Montana. All the links you could ever want are down below. Please learn more about Montana Modderman by reading her full interview and have a little taste of summer by trying the recipe she inspired.

"Birthdays and New Years" Montana Modderman Post Cove

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