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“All The Right Things” The New Single From Amanda Cooksey

Amanda Cooksey is a name that has been tossed around often here at Southern Fellow.  Amanda Cooksey has a warm glow about her and is truly pleasure to talk to. This same sentiment is present in her music as well.

“All The Right Things” her latest single is a sad song. In general it’s about two people that the universe will not allow to be together no matter the effort. These two people ultimately end up going their separate ways. As a listener, the emotional needle should be pointed to sad. The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t for me.  I actually have listen to “All The Right Things” for a day trying to point the needle in the direction that I feel it should take a normal person. 

This has made this song hard to review. I do love the song. “All The Right Things” is 100% Amanda Cooksey. It is that very fact where my struggle originates. Remember what I said in the beginning about Amanda? It is present in this song. The melody and her voice brings a bit of happiness to “All The Right Things”. So that made me think and go back to the story. Maybe, just maybe the girl in the story gave in to the universe and found happiness by doing so. Sometimes the things we want are not the things we need. That could be the message in “All The Right Things”. I love a song that gets in your brain. What do you think about “All The Right Things”? I would like to know in the comments below.

This was a fun song to think about and would be a great addition to that ol’ playlist. We always try to make it easy for you. Down below you can find your favorite music platform to get listen to “All The Right Things”. Also below you can check out our full interview with Ms. Amanda Cooksey. Thank you for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time


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