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Charly Reynolds Proves Her Latest Single is Not Her First Rodeo with “Rodeo”

I have gone to more live concerts in the past year than in the entirety of the 20 years before. This has allowed me to make comparisons. I haven’t seen a bad show, but a handful of artists seem to sparkle more than most. Charly Reynolds is one of those artists. Her performance of her new single “Rodeo” Landed her a spot right here on The Luncheonette.

I have a minimum of 10 artists or publicists reach out for coverage daily. So it’s guaranteed that some artists will fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, Charly is one of those artists. I have followed her for over a year, but we never connected until a few weeks ago. I was at the Ole Red in Orlando, FL to see another artist, but I noticed Charly Reynolds on the bill, so I decided to stay. Let me tell you; it was the best decision I made that day.

Straight up, I will tell you I have gotten pretty numb to pretty girls in cowboy boots. That said, working with beautiful people daily for the past three years, I have learned to look past that. So why am I even mentioning this? Because Charly is one of those beautiful people. I’m sure that putting her on a tailgate in a music video will garner thousands of views. However, if you stop there, you will be missing that sparkle I was talking about earlier.

Charly Reynolds is a natural-born performer. The room lit up when she played “Rodeo” while I was at Ole Red. That moment was even more spectacular because Charly made an acoustic show feel like a sold-out stadium. I have only ever experienced that with Garth Brooks at The Barn a couple of years ago. Charly is confident and has the amazing ability to connect to a large audience. Those two qualities are the start to making “Rodeo” a success story.

The confidence in the story is what pulls me into “Rodeo”. Many of you know I have a difficult time with “I love him, but he doesn’t love me” stories. This single is not one of those. “Rodeo” is a “yeah, you look good, but you better treat me right” song. It’s a message I would like to see more of from female artists in country music. There are a plethora of ways to get this message across. However, Charly has put together this single in a fist-pumping fun way. She even used “buckle bunny, ” which I haven’t heard since my team roping days.

"Rodeo" by Charly Reynolds Official Video

“Rodeo” is a must for your summer playlist. You don’t have to throw your rope too far to catch it. All the links are below.
I look forward to what’s next for Charly. Now that she is officially part of the Southern Fellow family, I am positive this will not be the last time you will hear from this remarkable woman.

Thanks for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more music, recipes, and, concerts on the Way!

"Rodeo" Charly Reynolds In Post Photo

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