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“My Mother’s Daughter” the new EP from Dakota Danielle

I listen to so much music. It is almost an occupational hazard. However, I always come back to Dakota Danielle. She makes me feel at home. Like the early days of Trisha Yearwood, Dakota captures small town life with almost pen-point precision. “My Mother’s Daughter” is a tribute to the simple, but not so simple lives in a small town. “My Mother’s Daughter” is a reflection of Dakota’s life, but I know there are many people who will look in that same mirror and feel they are seeing their own reflection looking back.

It would seem that catering to small town life should not be the target for anyone trying to leave there mark. I think Dakota recognizes that there are more small towns that dot this land, then the few big dots on a map. Her fight to stay genuine and honest gives here the ability to connect all those small dots in a way that real country music should.

Should “My Mother’s Daughter” be on your playlist? You are dang straight! Dakota Danielle will make many of you feel at home and understood in an honest way. She is not selling a hollow hook for the masses. She is telling a story in hopes that it will connect with you at a very deep level. That is what true country music is supposed to do. Go get “My Mother’s Daughter” on all platforms. We made it easy for you. Down below you will find all the links that you need. Thank you for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time!

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