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"Mad About You" the youthful new single from Montana Modderman

The term youthful can be perceived as somewhat negative, but when it comes to “Mad About You” it is all goog. Montana Modderman has made everyone feel young again with her new single “Made About You”. This boppy song will remind you what it felt like to fall in love for the very first time. You can’t help but feel good and start tapping along with the beat.

“Mad About You” is youthful, but it has a classic feel to it that makes it feel familiar and polished. Also it’s stripped down nature makes it feel organic. This country pop song feels more human and less computerized than other songs in this subsection of country music. You really can’t help but feel good listening to this track, but that truely is Montana Modderman as a whole. “Made About You” is Montana through and through. You will find it difficult not to love both the person and this single.

We made it easy for you. Down below you can check out “Mad About You” by clicking on your favorite music service. It will be a great addition to your playlist. You can also check out our full interview with Montana there as well. I personally can’t wait to see what is next for Montana. 

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