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Erica Sunshine Lee Shine Light on Hope with “Hearts Still Beat”

If you turn on the TV or your radio, it’s easy to have a dim view of the world. Natural disasters, war, and partisan politics have left a bitter taste, and it feels like life as we know it has taken a turn for the worst. It’s hard to find the light when all you see is darkness. “Hearts Still Beat,” the new music video from Erica Sunshine Lee, proves that however broken we may feel, we can’t give up the fight for better days.

I’ve seen some pretty dark days, and, at times, I doubted that God existed. Yet, every time I looked back, there were little miracles everywhere. If you look at one, it’s easy not to notice them. If you look at them all together, the impact is breathtaking. Being banged up and bruised is a part of the human experience, but faith, hope, and love are tools we can use to overcome. I think Erica shares this same sentiment with me, and “Hearts Still Beat” is proof of that.

I could go on forever about being broken, but I want you to step into the light and let the music video for “Hearts Still Beat” shine. Also, I strongly suggest you check out Erica Sunshine Lee and all her music. Her middle name says a lot about her, but there is much more to unfold. I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

"Hearts Still Beat" Erica Sunshine Lee


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"Hearts Still Beat" Erica Sunshine Lee

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