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“Jambalaya” The New Hauntingly Good Single from JuJu Rossi

I am not going to lie. I have been a big fan of country artist JuJu Rossi since we first starting chatting over a year ago.  Back then, I thought she was one of the best new female artists coming out of Nashville. Starting with such a high note, I never thought about JuJu raising the bar even higher. That was all before I listened to her new hauntingly good single “Jambalaya”. 

“Jambalaya” is one of the best songs of 2020 for a multitude of reasons. The overall sound is wickedly good and the hook really pulls you in.  It is also stays true to the storytelling found in the country genre. JuJu Rossi does an amazing job of pulling you into the story of  “Jambalaya” and keeping you there.

There are many songs that can check many of these same boxes, but for me, there is more to “Jambalaya”. “It’s ghostly sound echoes well beyond the last note of the track.  This single has all the same bones as traditional country music. It just feels like JuJu was able to arrange them in a way that makes something new. “Jambalaya” walks the line between the new and the old.

If you like damn good music at the same time looking for a new sound, “Jambalaya” needs to be on your playlist. All the links you need to get your digital hands on it are below. While you are listening, check out our full interview with JuJu Rossi and try the recipe she inspired. She is an artist you need to keep both eyes on JuJu. She is rising female in country music.

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during these hard times. If you are feeling lost, alone or both please reach out to me personally on Instagram @southernfellow_. We can get through this together!

"Jambalaya" Video Premiere

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