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“I See Memories” the nostalgic new single from Joybeth Taylor

Country music is in a weird place. There is a fight for it’s very soul. The industry is trying to slice it up in sections using labels such as country pop, americana, bro country and so many more. It makes it easy to forget what’s at the heart of country music. The heart of country music in my humble opinion is the story.

In the past 10 years I could count the number of songs where the stories have truly touched me without running out of fingers. I am happy to say “I See Memories” by Joybeth Taylor is one of those songs. Joybeth is proof that with all the blows country music has taken to split things up, it’s soul is still intact.

“I See Memories” brings me back to my grandpa’s old barn. It was filled with so many treasures that to me as a child felt like junk. It was filled with trunks of tools, tractor parts and if you dug deep enough some old toys. They didn’t mean much then, but as I got older I realized that junk told my story.  That barn held parts to the old David Brown tractor. It was the first thing I learned to drive. It contained the green metal chair where Grandpa Blackman sat so many times. Those broken toys belong to my dad and his 7 siblings. That old barn was time machine to so many lives.

I will relive all those fond memories everytime I listen to “I See Memories”. That is country music at it’s best. I can not wait to see what’s next for Joybeth Taylor. She is a mighty fine storyteller.  Should you add “I See Memories” to your playlist? You are dang right you should. All the links you need are below along with a video.

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