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“Never Been This Lonely” Bailey Rae Creates Country Gold

I can count on one hand the number of song that have instantly pulled me in from first listen here in 2020. Even some of my favorite songs took a little time to digest. “Never Been This Lonely” the new single from country music artist Bailey Rae took about 10 seconds to do just that.

I recently realized that Bailey Rae is only 17. Normally age is not that big of a deal, but her current single would lead you to believe it was from someone with a lifetime of breakups and heartache. To top it all off both lyrically and musically “Never Been This Lonely” feels like a song plucked from a decade or two before Bailey was even born.

“Never Been This Lonely” is not reinventing the wheel. It is doing something more revolutionary for today. It is preserving what country music was and always should be. Good stories always stand up to the test of time and Bailey Rae has done a fantastic job at telling one. “Never Been This Lonely” is full of rich lyrics and a hook that pulls you into the story. Bailey Rae’s new single represents what should be the gold standard for country music.

“Never Been This Lonely” is a must have on your playlist. All the links you need are below. I also suggest keeping a close eye on Bailey Rae. If her first single is any indication of the direction she is taking, God needs to make the sky a little bit higher.

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