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"Here With You" The Powerful New Hit Single From Layla Brisbois

Sometimes when you write and listen to as much music as I do, you don’t get surprised too often. I get in a rut sometimes and it seems no matter how hard you turn the wheel you just can’t break it. That has been me the past few days.  However today, my music rut found a remedy.  What was the cure to my lull? The cure came in the form of Layla Brisbois. 

I always make an effort to listen to all the music artist that cross my desk, but it takes time. Today was my day for Layla Brisbois. After listening to just a few lines of Layla’s new single “Here With You” it took me by surprise. The lyrics and her voice lifted me out of the rut I was destined to spend a few more days in. Her power, range and lyrics carries this song like it is destined to be a chart topper.  She is an artist truly worthy of your playlist. In the music industry there are so many stars. However, if Layla keeps producing songs such as “Here With You” she will be one of the brightest stars in music.

Check out Layla’s single by clicking on your favorite streaming services below. Stay tuned for many more new artist to come here at the Luncheonette!

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