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Mandy McMillan Reaches for the Heart with”Haven’t We All Been”

We have featured a few songs that cover the effects of 2020. One of these has made me dig a little deeper into the emotional toll this year has placed on me. So much so that it took a few weeks for me to dive in and write this review. “Haven’t We All Been” by country music artist Mandy McMillan is that very song.

I am not going to act like this song is a big surprise coming from Mandy. If there is one thing she is good at other than music, it’s her ability to take inventory of what’s going on in her life. “Haven’t We All been” stands as a testament to that fact. For Mandy, this song is finding hope and comfort in the hard times we all go through. Her exploration into life’s ups and downs inspired me to do the same thing as 2020 comes to an end.

You would think the pandemic would on the top of my grievances for this year, but it’s a little farther down. Yes, the world feels a lot harder to navigate, but it did force me to open up and connect with our Southern Fellow family. The things that I have truly struggled with this year are more personal. Many of you know I have a constant fight with my brain. This year my struggle with seizures and bipolar disorder has been arduous. What raises my stress level is that now it affects you—the past couple of months, especially.  When I thought the weight of this was going to crush me, love from you, artists, publicists, and Mandy’s single “Haven’t We All Been” made the world feel lighter and bearable. We all are trying to navigate life the best way we can. If we can all connect and do it together, life for everyone can be better. Pandemic, cancer, mental illness, hunger, and everything else be damned.

“Haven’t We All Been”, in a way, is a celebration of our shortcomings. We all have them, even someone as beautiful and talented as Mandy McMillian. This single needs to be on your playlist. All the links you need are below, along with the official music video.  Please learn more about this amazing woman by checking out her full interview on Feed the Band. Today is also the first day of winter, but you can have a taste of summer by trying the Sunny Summer Slaw recipe she inspired.

Mandy McMillan in Red

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during these hard times. If you are feeling lost, alone or both please reach out to me personally on Instagram @southernfellow_. We can get through this together!

"Haven't We All Been" Music Video

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