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Becca Bowen Encourages Us to Look Forward to Possibilities with Her New Single “County Line”

What’s a line you need to cross? There are those lines that, when crossed, lead to disaster. However, crossing some barriers leads to a world of possibilities, and it always seems like those lines are the hardest to step over. Country artist Becca Bowen inspires us to take that step with her new single “County Line”.

Becca Bowen has been an enigma for me going on for two years now. It took a trip to Nashville to put all of the pieces together. As an artist, living in today’s social media addiction, Becca easily stands out. She’s beautiful, confident, and has a classic sound that fits a broad audience. Yet it was meeting her unfiltered that gave her single “County Line” much more meaning.

During our showcase, I got to see a glimpse of Becca’s more vulnerable side. For a few brief seconds, Becca’s confidence disappeared. Then, just as fast, Becca took a breath and put on one hell of a set. It only took those few seconds for me to realize that regardless of how many times Becca has taken the stage, she still has to reflect on what it took to cross the line that put her on that very stage even if it’s only for a second or two.

Now, I have crossed my county line a handful of times, but I’m now back in Volusia County, but the lines that I crossed, to get to where I am today can’t be found on any map, but I had to walk over them just the same. I am fortunate that, most times, I didn’t have to do it alone. I had many of you to help me cross over. Now, I get to add Becca Bowen to the list. Not only did she help make our Nashville Showcase a success, but she will also be playing the first-ever Daytona Beach Songwriters Festival. I’m sure there will be plenty of deep breaths taken during the event, but at least we will do them together as we cross the lines that lead to possibilities and wonder.

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“County Line” is a song worthy of any playlist, and Becca Bowen is an artist you need to keep an eye on. We all have had to cross numerous lines to get to where we are. Because of this, Becca’s new single inspired us to continue to put one foot in front of the other because, in the end, the reward greatly outweighs the risks.

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