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“Country Wedding Song” Country Artist Dave Fenley Makes Your Heart Melt

Dave Fenley is a boy with a big heart. The person that might know this the most is his new bride Amy. Marriage and a habit of always wearing is heart on his sleeve, left little doubt a love song was on the horizon.  “Country Wedding Song” was it.

I had a conversation a couple months back with another artist. We chatted about the lack of love songs in country music today. I feel country music has made a cultural shift that I personally am not a big fan of. Love songs are needed. They reinforce couples and give hope to those of us who are single. There is no better feeling than your first love and that very first slow dance. From that point on, you keep looking for that over and over until you find someone who makes you feel that way everyday.

“Country Wedding Song” delivers on what country music today has been lacking. It makes you want to fall in love. I can see couples dancing in the kitchen or out on the dance floor at their wedding. With all that is going on in the world, “Country Wedding Song” and other songs like it are greatly needed.

“Country Wedding Song” is a song you need at your playlist. You can get your digital hands on it using the links below. While you are there check out our full interview with Dave Fenley and give the recipe for Peanut Butter, Beer, and Pretzel Bars he inspired a try.

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