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Beauty was something that scared the crap out of me. As much as guys like me act like we don’t care, we do! We naturally measure each other up. Bring women into the equation; as much as guys try to play it cool, we lose our minds. We would like to say that it’s not important in society, but all you have to do is turn on the TV. If you remove all the pitches for pharmaceuticals, beautiful people, and products that promise beauty, are all that you see. Reflecting on this, I got a little uncomfortable. Beauty started to feel like a drug, and everyone was addicted. Could it be that bad? I decided to test that theory with up-and-coming pop-country artist Sabrina Ponte.

Sabrina Ponte is as beautiful as they come. To argue that fact is futile. She is a successful model and beauty queen. If you focus just on that, a reality show with such a person writes itself. Yet, if my time with Sabrina Ponte has taught me anything, beauty comes in many forms. The beauty we see with our eyes is just a shell. There are people out there who only focus on that, and just like an eggshell, they are fragile. Sabrina is not that. To my surprise, she changed how I looked at beautiful people.

It took me almost a year to shuffle through the layers of which Sabrina Ponte is made of. Two out of the three hats she wears primarily covers the outside. However, it’s her music that she has a sharp focus on. As someone who is put together more than a Disney princess on the outside, Sabrina is not scared to roll up her sleeves. Her comfort zone is getting down and dirty with the human experience and putting it to music.

As much as Sabrina sparkles at a photoshoot, her music, I feel, is where she truly shines. It’s full of life and raw emotion that can captivate the biggest skeptic. I say this because I was that person. I gravitate towards traditional country 99.9% of the time. Sabrina Ponte’s sound has a significant pop influence, but there are some powerful stories if you dig deep. That is important to me and many of you who listen to traditional country.

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The Icing on the cake is Sabrina’s voice. I have to say I’m a big fan. As impressive as it is, what she aims to do with it was one of the big things that sparked my interest for this interview. She wants to use it to help others. Sabrina Ponte is fully aware that she has influence, and she wants to wield that power to improve people’s lives.

What is special about the place you grew up?

I grew up north of Boston in a suburb called North Reading. It’s a small safe town with a community of people that are happy to help and with a lot of New England pride. We are so close to the beach, hiking, outdoor activities, and the extremely historic city of Boston, so it’s a really cool location.
Before we get to the interview, I need to say something. I only had a few minutes to talk with Sabrina during my Nashville trip. One of my biggest regrets is not giving her a big hug and officially welcome her to the family. That hug may have to wait, but it’s official! Sabrina is now part of the Southern Fellow family. As with those who came before her, we created a tasty holiday recipe around this interview. Sweet Potato Jumble is what we call it, and I’m optimistic it will be a family favorite. Check out that recipe and enter our giveaway at the end. Here is our interview with Sabrina Ponte.

How do you find your way to country music?

I grew up on country music. My mom had these cassette tapes she would pop in in the car when I was a little girl, and I’ve loved it ever since! Moving to Nashville has always been a dream, so it’s surreal to be able to call it home.

What is some everyday beauty advice you think our family should know?

Beauty comes from within, and I mean that in both ways. First, I feel good character is something that makes someone beautiful, and second, what we put in our bodies reflects in our complexion, hair, nails, and body. Eating healthy and nourishing your body can be a great way to accomplish some “beauty” goals you are looking to achieve. Have some breakouts? Might be a hormone imbalance and you can try maca powder. Want to promote growth with hair skin and nails? Try collagen powder. Feeling like you can’t get all your nutrients in? Try a superfood like Chlorella. Bring down inflammation? Try spirulina. Giving your body exactly what it needs and staying away from toxins can do amazing things for your glow, mental and physical health.

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow; what recipe do you use when writing music?

I like to just be creative and have a very open recipe. Sometimes I start with lyrics and have to write a melody, sometimes I have a concept I want to write on, and sometimes I hear little melodies with lyrics and build from there. With “Black Roses” I was signing part of the chorus in my head then wrote around that. Sometimes I have a co-write as well! There are a lot of different ways to create great music.

How do you recover from failure?

I don’t look at failure as a negative thing but rather a building block on which I can grow and learn. It allows me to have more perspective and learn about myself.

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Sabrina Ponte

What is your first fond memory of food?

I have always loved food! I’m from a Portuguese and Lebanese background, both known for their food, so I grew up around people always cooking. I was spoiled being around good food and always looked forward to it going back home.

Many young women may not feel they fit a particular mold when they dream of being a music artist. What advice do you have for these women?

I would say not to think of it as a mold or let people make you feel you don’t have the “look.” Talent doesn’t have a look, artists come in all forms, and there’s room for plenty of types of people in the music industry. Being you is the best thing you can offer because it is unique so remembering that I think is important. In regards to personalities, getting up on stage can push people out of their comfort zones, but if that’s something someone isn’t interested in, there’s a lot of “behind the scenes” ways to be involved in music as well!

Tell us about your latest single, “Black Roses”.

I loved being able to walk the line with sound on “Black Roses”. It doesn’t fit in just one specific genre, and I love that. It has a message that allows people to listen to it and be whatever it is they need it to be for them; whether that is healing or a song to belt out to, it envokes feeling.

What question would you most like to know the answer to?

I love when people get to know how much of a humanitarian I am. I really want to do so much good in this world and care about being a positive role model. Something I look forward to with growing in this industry is being able to have a greater platform to help others.

What does the coming year look like for you?

Performing, recording, booking shoots, and continuing to try and be the healthiest version of myself. I’ll be releasing another single “Sober” in the next few months I’m excited about as well as performing more! To keep up with shows I recommend watching my stories where I always share new dates.

Try this inspired recipe!

When people look back at your music fifty years from now, what do you hope they pull from it?

I hope that people can still enjoy my music 50 years from now. What is so great is that many themes in music are timeless and with “Black Roses” being an empowering heartbreak song, people 50 years from now will be able to pull the same message and the lyrics will still be relatable. So many amazing songs I still listen to are from decades past, good music is just good music!

We talked a little about your modeling career. What are some skills you have gained modeling that has transferred over to your music career?

Modeling I think has helped with stage presence, marketing/sales knowledge, and confidence! One of the main abilities you would need to have to make a successful performance, in general, is the ability to sell it. Singing and modeling/acting and really both performance-based careers where I’m having to tell a story and make it believable, whether it is through an ad or a commercial, or a song.

You are big on community involvement. What organizations do you work with, and why are their causes important to you?

There are a lot of organizations I have worked with and loved but most recently, I have been working with Break-Thru Nashville and will be hosting one of their benefits this February! Break-Thru Nashville is an organization that serves as a liaison and connects people in middle Tennessee with resources they may need.

Is there anything else you want your family at Southern Fellow to know?

I appreciate my new community with Southern Fellow and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to perform and be featured! I love spreading the love and supporting other artists, so for anyone who wants to connect, I am @sabrinaponteofficial on Instagram, and I’d be happy to hear from you! Thank you, Southern Fellow, and I hope everyone goes and gives “Black Roses” a listen!

That is Sabrina Ponte! If you were not a fan before, you should be one now. I am looking forward to following her career and seeing all the good she will do with her voice. You can find her music on your favorite streaming service, including SpotifyApple Music, Amazon, and YouTube. While you are listening, check out our fantastic recipe for Sweet Potato Jumble Sabrina inspired. It just might be the best side dish at your family’s table this holiday season.

Thank you for reading this interview! Our interview with Tucker Wetmore is coming up with a south Pacific inspired recipe. Stay tuned for more music, recipes, and concerts!

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