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I met our next artist on Feed the Band at my very first radio interview. Florida Country Radio asked to do an interview about what we do here at Southern Fellow. I invited them to the ranch to talk about Feed the Band over some BBQ. I just happened to be speaking with a new country artist and her management team a few days before. Worried I would not be able to fill the time with the radio station, I invited them to the interview to speak about her new music that was on the horizon. I told them the time and place and it was set. To be honest there were other local artists I had in mind. To this day I don’t know why I reached out to this particular artist. At the time I had doubts about a latina from west Orlando wanting to become a country singer, but I felt she deserved a shot like everyone else.  Little did I know that my interview would become Liza Marie’s and I would perfectly OK with it.

In all truthfulness I still struggle with the term “pop country”. To me it’s like putting Coke in your favorite scotch. I like them both, but I have always felt that combining the two dilutes some qualities that make each their best. At first, I had this same feeling about Liza Marie when she told me she was a “pop country” artist. After a couple months with our many chats, I came to the conclusion that “pop country” needed to exist for Liza to tell her story.

I asked Liza Marie one day what pulled a hispanic city girl into country music. “It’s the storytelling.The stories that make you laugh, cry and everything in between.” she responded. After this talk I had to reflect on my connection to country music. Come to find out it was the same thing. The only difference Between Liza Marie and myself was our backgrounds. My dislike for “pop country” started to fade realizing my background will always be a little different than the millions of people in this country who share similar life experiences with Liza.

Liza Marie may not always write about her life word for word, but I will tell you that there are little nuggets of her personal life tucked in each song. This was the case with her debut single “Bridesmaid”. A visit to Nashville and a bridal party created a story about blowing off some steam after losing the love of your life to your best friend. A story I hope most people never experience, but Liza has folded into a package that is a fun hypothetical situation that I know many of you have thought about. Her sophomore single “Ain’t Coming Back to Me” is a breakup song that shares more DNA with traditional country music. I believe it’s a great sophomore single and gets me excited to watch Liza Marie explore her life and those around her with music.

Liza Marie has become a person I truly love to the core. She puts her heart out there and when she giggles, you can’t help but put a smile on your face. She is a living example that family can be more than blood. That there are things that bind us in this universe that we may never see or touch, but know that they exist.

Let’s get to the interview. Please give the amazing calamari recipe Liza inspired a try and enter our giveaway at the bottom. Here is our interview with the beautiful Liza Marie

Tell us about your journey to country music.

I love and respect all genres of music and that’s why it was hard for me to choose one genre to focus on at first. Through working with Caroline and Mike, I found a love for song-writing that I never knew I had. I love being able to tell a story through song and have it resonate with an audience. After educating myself more about country music I realized that every song is story driven and I quickly fell in love with it. 

What risks are worth taking?

Any and all risks that can potentially bring you happiness or are aligned with who you strive to be in the future. 

What makes a person successful?

The ability to fail over and over again, but never give up. 

What is your biggest fear?

Octopuses haha… 

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow; when writing music, what recipe do you use?

It usually starts off with a melody or a quick burst of inspiration that I build off of. I can be in the car driving and suddenly get an idea, quickly write it down or record it in my phone and go back to it later with fresh eyes and ears. 

If Merriam-Webster was to define your music, what do you think that definition would say?

Pop country with a little bit of sass.

Connect with Liza

Liza Marie Southern Fellow 2

What is your first fond memory of food?

I’ve always been a breakfast food gal. When I was younger I used to wake up early in the morning and help my mom make breakfast.  Pancakes have been and always will be my favorite part haha. 

When you have the time, what do you like to do to relax?

I read or meditate outdoors. I love spending time in nature. 

If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about?

Pancakes… or waffles… or baby back ribs. 

What does the coming year look like for you?

So much more music it’s crazy, but I’m also super excited about it.

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If you could be queen for a day, what would you try to accomplish?

As much as I love animals and would like to have an island population: dog. I’d want to help end hunger, I think its prevalent not only throughout the world but also in our own country. No one should worry or wonder when they’ll get their next meal. It’s heartbreaking. 

New music is always exciting. Tell us about your brand new single “Ain’t Coming Back to Me”.

Ain’t coming back to me was sooo funny. The whole process was amazing. As you know, co-writing with Mike and Caroline is magical in itself, the whole song came together quickly and effortlessly. Dale Metz was the director/videographer/editor for the music video and he is so incredibly talented and such a pleasure to work with. Jerry Terrel’s drone shots created dimension and Luke Deal (my boyfriend in the video) and our on screen chemistry could’ve fooled me. If i didn’t know we met that day, I would’ve thought we were in love too! haha

If we interviewed your best friend from high school, what would they say?

She’d say I’m actually the goofiest and craziest person I know. But I am a bit timid at first. 

Is there anything else you want your family at Southern Fellow to know?

Patrick is an amazing cook because he learned it all from his momma. Haha! But be sure to check me out on my social platforms and DM me, I love getting to know y’all and can’t wait to continue to share my life with you through song.

Liza Marie has been a blessing in my life. She has become one of my best friends and a great asset here at Southern Fellow. I don’t even want to know what life would be like without Liza in it. She is definitely on her way to do big things.  You can be a part of her journey by checking out her music on your favorite streaming service. You can find all of Liza’s music on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon and YouTube. I doubt that this will be the last time you hear about Liza Marie; she has some new music on the way and we will be sharing it with you right here at Southern Fellow.

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