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"Different Route" The Latest Album From Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block is a woman who combines a touch of pop with the storytelling found in country music. In a very mature way she pulls the best pieces from both genres and blends them in sophisticated cocktail. There are elements that will pull fans from traditional country, as well as popular music enthusiast. 

I had the opportunity  to speak with Priscilla Block over the past week. We talked about her music, life and the future. She is confident, grounded and focused. These character traits are easily woven into her album “Different Route”. Her lyrics are honest and represent all that is Priscilla Block. This album allows you to unfold the layers of who Priscilla is. Each song represents a paragraph in the story of Priscilla Block.

After diving into the first chapter, you will want to see what is next. I know Priscilla has more music and stories to tell on the horizon. You will be able to keep up with her music and all that is Perscilla Block right here at Southern Fellow.

You can be part of her story now! Down below we have some links to her music. You can find Priscilla Block on all your favorite music services. Thank you for stopping by The Luncheonette!

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