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Here we are with another interview and recipe for our new series Feed the Band. Our family keeps growing everyday and we can not be more thankful. To our readers, you are what keeps this rodeo going everyday. Your unwavering support keeps us motivated to provide you with the best content possible. To the music community, thank you for sharing in our passion of creative music and delicious food. Your support helps us on every level with Feed the Band and we could not do it without you. This leads us to our latest inductee, Brinley Addington.

Imagine a time when everyone was wearing black cowboy cut Wranglers with the legs stacked at the boots. A rope braided belt that came in every color to match your western color block shirt. You also purposely purchased that belt extra long so you could tuck and fold it down. A time when it was not considered dancing unless it was synchronized and you were lined up with all of your friends. This was the country music era I grew up in and after the first few notes from Brinley Addington’s single “No Thanks” I was thrown back to a time when it was truly fun to be a part of country music. A time when every generation was obsessed with learning the steps to “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” and “Cotton Eye Joe”. This was a great time in country music because it started to bring people from different cultures and economic standings together. It enabled everyone to be inline with each other and dancing to the same tune.

Brinley Addington music represents all that is good in country music. He has done something that most artist need to take note. He figured out the the wheel that makes country music great was not broken. There is no reason to break down and rebuild country music. Instead I imagine he looks at it like me, like an old pickup truck. Yeah some things may need tightening and adjusting, but at the end of the day as long as you can cut loose that’s all that matters. We were able to talk to Brinley and ask him a few questions about music, food and life. Here is our interview with Brinley Addington.

I know you are originally from Tennessee, but tell us about your journey to Nashville.

I was born and raised in Kingsport, TN and moved to middle Tennessee for college. I went to Belmont University and fell in love with Nashville and all it had to offer and never left after that.

It seems you are making waves in country music. What advice would you give your past self?

The advice I’d give my past self would be to listen to what people who have gone before you tell you. They’ve seen and done so much and there’s a lot to learn from them. But don’t listen so much that you lose sight of what you love and want to do. Trust your gut more. It’s what got you here.

It’s late. You have been playing for hours and you are hungry. As you go to the kitchen what do you grab?

I’m not much of a cook so if I’m grabbing late night food, it’s more than likely Taco Bell or Pizza.

Top 3 musical influences?

I’d say my top 3 musical influences would be Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, and James Taylor. They all helped shape some part of who I am as an artist today.

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow. When writing music what recipe do you use?

My recipe for writing is always different. Sometimes I start with a lyric. Sometimes it’s a melody. Sometimes it’s a story I heard or an idea that I want to get across. I just try to follow whatever’s in the room that day and make sure I’m doing my part to get the song where it needs to be.

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Brinley Addington interview with Southern Fellow

We were chatting a little about how your music is reminiscent of the early 90’s and I threw some names like Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt around.  Tell us why you pointed your guns in that direction?

90’s Country is just special to me. I think a lot of people revert to what they grew up listening to when making music but for me it’s the songs and the sound. The songs of that era are, in my opinion, what songs should be. Well crafted, thoughtful, and often tell a story. The sound in the 90’s was such a cool mixture of what was going on in the pop format but rooted deeply in traditional country. I lean more toward the traditional sound but that’s what gets me excited: great songs and a good country feel.

What is your first fond memory of food?

The earliest memory of food I can recall is this little burger joint across the state line from where I grew up called the Hob Nob Drive-In. It’s just a little hole in the wall burger spot but I remember thinking it was so good when I was a kid and I’d get excited when my parents said we were going there. Hard to beat a good burger and fries.

If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about?

If I were writing a song about food I’d probably write about barbecue. Barbecue just has a soul to it and there’s usually a story behind how the chef prepares his food or the 50 year family recipe they use to make the sauce. Plus, barbecues are just plain fun places to hang out and have a beer. Got plenty of material for the subject.

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What does the next year look like for you?

We have some cool shows coming up and are adding more all the time and I’m looking forward to getting busy out on the road. Also looking forward to starting work on new music for the next project this fall. Really looking forward to the next year.

If you could go on tour with any artist who would it be?

I’d love to tour with Tim McGraw. He puts on a great show and has some of the best songs in the game. Getting to watch and learn from a great entertainer and hear all those great songs every night would be awesome.

“No Thanks” has made it to CMT. How does that make you feel?

I can remember sitting on the floor of my Momaw’s house as a kid watching music videos on CMT when she kept us in the summers. I’d watch them for hours and dream of making one of my own one day. To be able to work with CMT on “No Thanks” is a crazy dream come true.

What a fantastic interview with a great guy. I can’t tell y’all enough how happy it makes me feel to have Brinley Addington as part of the Southern Fellow family. We would like to thank him again for taking time out of a busy schedule for us. We are giving away a couple autographed copies of his album down below. Also, I know our family will want to add Brinley Addington to your playlist. You can find his music on the usual suspects Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music and Google Music.

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