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We are approaching are 50th artist Here on Feed the Band. It has been an amazing journey thus far and we have so much to look forward to. Thank you for being with us every step of the way and finding a home here at Southern Fellow. Reflecting on what our family looks like, I can’t help but think of a rainbow. It kills me to say that because I am not the rainbow and unicorn type. That being said, each of you are rare as a unicorn, but each carry unique layers like the colors of  a rainbow. Sometimes judgment, like the weather, gets cloudy and what reflects back at us is only a portion of the whole rainbow. This is exactly what happened to me when I formed my first impression of our next artist on Feed the Band.

Several weeks ago I had my first conversation with Bonner Black. I looked at Bonner like a lead actress in a 90’s sitcom. Pretty, predictable and containing enough humor to keep your attention just long enough. Bonner was kind enough to send me a copy of her new single “In My Dreams”.  After one listen, I realized that everything up to that point was clouded and viewed from the wrong angle. After a couple more conversations, I was on a mission to see every layer. I came to the conclusion that Bonner Black is one big beautiful rainbow. That said, just like a real rainbow, you could spend a lifetime searching for where those layers end.

Bonner Black’s personality is playful, serious, sarcastic, thoughtful and a billion other descriptive terms. She doesn’t mind putting in the work, but appreciates all who have helped her along the way. All of these layers are on full display in her latest single “In My Dreams”. It is a song of heartbreak. However, it is wrapped in this playful melody that stays with you long after the song is finished. Bonner Black has created a song that is just as layered as she is. “In My Dreams” floods you with contrasting emotions. You would think it would make you crazy, but you are going to be happy you took the ride.

Now it’s time to let you start peeling back the layers of all that is Bonner Black. Please check out her video, inspired recipe and the giveaway at the bottom. Here is our interview with the talented Bonner Black.

Tell us about your road to Nashville.

I asked my parents for a vocal lesson in Nashville for my 13th birthday and by 16 my Mom was driving me here every day to write and play shows. I was homeschooled, so I did my school work in the back of our minivan on the drive. I moved here a month after I turned 17 and got my first job as a karaoke hostess at Lonnie’s Western Room downtown(which later on would be the first and only job I got fired from). 7 years later I could never imagine living anywhere else! 

If you could not play music, what do you think you would be doing?

Probably homicide detective… I have a hardcore true crime obsession. I’m constantly listening to true crime podcasts when I’m driving to gigs and doing chores. My favorites are “Small Town Murder” and “Crime Junkie”. If music was a no go, I’d for sure be hunting serial killers haha.

What is the most heartwarming thing you have ever seen?

Every time the McDonald’s employee hands me a biscuit through the drive through window. It’s like watching the hands of God sending down sweet sunlight straight from heaven. 

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow; when writing music, what recipe do you use?

Usually I pull from little ideas/song snippets/lyric jots I keep in my notes or on my voice memos. I start by finding chords that I like, usually followed by a melody, and then lyrics usually follow. It’s always a little different though. Sort of like when you’re cooking and every time you tweak the recipe a little bit

Would you rather have skin that changes color based on your emotions or tattoos appear all over your body depicting what you did yesterday?

Tattoos. I only say this because orange is not my color and if I wake up looking like Ross from friends one day, we’re going to have a problem. 

What is your first fond memory of food?

Eating sausage biscuits with my Dad and my sister in first grade every morning at our little play tea table. My dad would even put his coffee in our little tea cups!

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Do You Have Any Superstitions?

Nope! I really don’t believe in any of that stuff… although I broke a mirror last week and was a little nervous for a few days.

You are quite a songbird. Tell us about what inspired your new single “In My Dreams”?

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep. I remember having the Eagles song, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” in my head and I wanted to write more poetic style lyrics. My original line was, “I saw you last night in a dream/ We were in the desert”, but I ended up changing the lyrics to “in the middle of nowhere” because we couldn’t afford to go to the desert for the music video haha. When your heart is truly actually broken, you daydream about a million situations where they might actually come back or you might see them again. You overthink real moments you wish you had back and could relive differently. It’s torture. This song was about that feeling. 

If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?

A whole bunch of money to invest in my career (cuz becoming a famous superstar ain’t cheap y’all), a hairless cat (I’ve wanted one my whole life), and obviously… world peace. 

What does the coming year look like for you?

Progressive and optimistic! I just put together a dream team and we have been scheming nonstop over the next moves. We’re going to put out a new album for sure. We’re working on booking bigger and better shows further outside of our current area. We have so many ideas so this year we’re just gonna hustle! 

If your music was a house, what would that house look like? 

The Dallas House. Look it up. My grandfather was dirt poor and hustled his ass off. When he finally came into the money, he saw the house on the show, “Dallas”, and built himself the exact same house on farm land in Hot Rock, TN. It’s actually the farm I grew up on and in Miranda Lambert’s words, it was the house that built me. We actually shot the, “In My Dreams” music video there!

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Here at Southern Fellow we are all about family. What ways has your family contributed to your career?

Nobody has supported my career choices like my family. My parents were very strategic when I was younger. They wanted to keep me out of the parties and away from the boys so when I wanted to write songs and play shows, they were ALL about it. Whenever I hit a wall, they’re the first ones I go to and they always say the same thing… “We believe in you, we are so proud of you, do not give up”. My mom comes to EVERY single show always wearing a Bonner Black t-shirt. My dad is an entrepreneur and is always helping me plan my next move.

What have you had to fight for as a female artist in the music industry?

Eh. I don’t think about it that way. I’m just an artist. If you work hard and want it more than anyone else, you’ll get it. Everybody has their disadvantages and I’m not one to blame my gender for my failures. If anything, there have been times where I’ve walked into a venue and I can tell I’m not taken as seriously because I’m a chick. But I work hard at my craft, my band is awesome, and we always prove ourselves. At the end of the day, it only matters if you’re the best. That’s it. So I focus on being the best artist, not the best female artist.  

Is there anything else you want your family at Southern Fellow to know?

Oh yeah ummm…. I have a new song, “In My Dreams” and a music video out. Go check it out!!!  Thank you so much for having me. Also I’m about to destroy some pork loin because it looks incredible!!! 

Please reach out to Ms. Bonner Black and welcome her to the Southern Fellow family. Get ready for fall by trying her inspired recipe and adding “In My Dreams” to your favorite playlist. You can find all of Bonner Black’s music on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon and YouTube Music. After you update your playlist, please subscribe to Southern Fellow. That way you will be the first to get the latest recipes and new music.

Thank you for reading this interview. Next up on Feed the Band is Kaitlyn Baker. Have a favorite artist? Wish they could be part of the Southern Fellow family? Please reach out to us on Instagram or on our contact page. We would love to interview them.

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