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It is easy to call someone family. However, words alone are not what builds a family. In my humble opinion, love, respect and sacrifice are the durable materials needed for a family to form. I did not mention blood or DNA for good reason. Yes, those things can connect individuals to become a family, but there are also other connections that can make a family as well. A love for an adopted child and friends are other connections that can contain the materials needed for a family to exist. This is where the Southern Fellow family comes in. You all have built this family block by block. Our next artist on Feed the Band is the latest member to the Southern Fellow family and is building her music family one song at a time.

Ashley Taylor is someone I connected to immediately. She is someone who treats you like family from the beginning. Knowing me, you know that makes Ashley and me two peas in a pod. Our first conversation felt like old friends that had not spoken in awhile. We talked about family, shared stories, insecurities and music. After a few more conversations, Ashley Taylor was by my definition family. You don’t even need to take my word for it. The proof is in the pudding. Family is a common theme in Ashley’s latest album “Bakersfield”.

“The Man That Prays For Me” happens to be my favorite song off the EP. It also stands as an example of how important family is to Ashley Taylor. It’s a song about family and prayer. There is something about that theme combination and the music that feels like Ashley is wrapping a warm blanket around you. You can’t help but feel good by the end of the song. To me, that is good country music.

Ashley Taylor is not always serious. She definitely has a playful side. That side is expressed in the song “Cake”. I am not a huge fan of breakup songs, but boy is this song fun. It’s play on words comparing love to cake is a fun ride. Not only is it funny, but it’s blunt honesty is Ashley Taylor at her best. It is by far the funniest breakup song I have heard in awhile.

I know what you are here for so let’s get to it. Look out for our delicious cake recipes inspired by Ashley’s song “Cake”. Also at the end of the interview make sure to enter the giveaway for an autographed copy of “Bakersfield”. Here is our interview with one of our own, Ms. Ashley Taylor.

Tell us about your road to Nashville.

Well I am from Bakersfield, California originally.  About 3 years ago I sold everything I owned & got on a plane even though I had never even seen Nashville before. I moved to Nashville  because I wanted to write songs for a living. So I made a big & very risky choice to move. Now, I can honestly say that it was the best choice I’ve ever made.

If you could not play music, what do you think you would be doing?

Well I actually thought about becoming a nurse for a little bit, but then someone put a guitar in my hand when I was 17.  That totally changed everything!

What is the most heartwarming thing you have ever seen?

The way my grandparents looked at each other still after 48 years of marriage.

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow; when writing music, what recipe do you use?

When I am cooking anything up I try to think about the listener, the people I create for. I try to think what would relate to them;  how they would feel about things. I try to make it honest & real because I believe that is where great art truly comes from & what makes people feel something.

If we declared you queen for the day what would you try to accomplish?

If I was Queen just for a day I would throw a big party & have everyone in the Kingdom attend. That way no one would go hungry at least that day & everyone would have a smile on their face & no one would feel left out or different.

Connect with Ashley

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What is your first fond memory of food?

That would be of my grandmother in the kitchen cooking dinner. Every night she would go into her kitchen & put on a old cassette tape of these Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline songs & sing along while she would cook up some amazing dishes. I remember the smells & the excitement of just being a little kid & waiting for dinner to be ready. Then all sitting down & enjoying a meal together.

There are many young women that may not feel they fit a particular mold when they dream of being a music artist. What advice do you have for these women?

My advice to them is just to be yourself & work on being the best version of you you can be. There is already a Carrie Underwood and  a Mariah Carey or whoever but nobody can be you, cause there is only one you . So why be somebody else?

Your song “Cake”  makes me smile everytime I hear it. I know its on your new EP “Bakersfield”. Tell is about your new EP and that fun song.

Well thank you so much! So “Cake” is actually a true story. I was dating this guy who was a really big jerk & he stood me up on my birthday. I was sitting there blowing out my candles with my friends & I was trying to make light of the situation & said “Why Can’t a Man Look at me like I look at Cake”. We all started laughing & the next day I broke up with the guy & wrote that song. It is totally a funny song & a crowd favorite. I am really excited to have it out on my New EP Bakersfield. A lot of love & hard work went into this project.


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What are some small things that make your day better?

I love to laugh. I love getting to see & be around people I care about. I love getting to go outdoors & go on hikes or just curl up on the couch & watch a movie. I believe there are so many little things around you that if you take a second to notice can make anyone’s day brighter.

What does the coming year look like for you?

2019 is going to be a very busy year for me. We are going to be hitting the road, playing more full band shows, releasing some music videos & some new music later on this year.

If you could write with anyone, living or who has passed on, who would that person be?

My songwriting hero is Brandy Clark. I would LOVE to write with her someday.

Here at Southern Fellow we are all about family. What ways has your family contributed to your career?

Oh my family is really a big part of my career especially my little brother Austin. He is a big supporter of me & helps me do all kinds of things. He runs my merch table, helps me run my website & he even designed my Album Art. I am really grateful to have such a great supporting family around me.

Is there anything else you want your fans at Southern Fellow to know?

Just that I hope they know how much it means to me when people support my music. So thanks for coming to my shows, streaming my songs & following me along on this journey. People really do make the difference. So thank you! I am honored to be a part of the Southern Fellow Family.

That is the lovely Ashley Taylor everyone. She is definitely family here at Southern Fellow and I look forward to what is next. I don’t need to say it, but I am going to say it anyway. Dust off that playlist and add Ashley Taylor to it. You can find “Bakersfield” on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon and YouTube. Make sure you check out that delicious recipe above and the giveaway below. Thank you for tuning in here at Feed the Band. We have more music and recipes on the way. We will see you next time right here at Southern Fellow.

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