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Most times it is hard to share or even communicate the raw and honest truth. Part of my reason for starting Southern Fellow was to do just that. Before Southern Fellow, most people did not know I have been struggling with bipolar disorder for about 10 years now. It was a part of my life I worked hard to keep from even my best of friends. Pretty much my brain has been at the forefront of my life’s struggles.  From an early age I struggled with school. I spent the majority of my school years in ESE placement. It always seems like I am having an epic battle with my brain. However, with all the struggling and sleepless nights, I was able to persevere. My parents, FFA and some great teachers gave me some great tools to work with along the way. As evidence, one of my elementary school teachers has donated her time to proofread here at Southern Fellow. With every bump in the road, I get drawn to artists who write about the hard breaks life can dish out. Our next artist on Feed the Band is one of these.

Adam Wakefield is one of the few artists that can sing about the ups and downs of life and make you feel it at your core. His songwriting is unfiltered and pure and goes directly to the truth of the matter. He does not water down the lyrics to soften the blow of very raw truths, but his voice wraps you in a warm blanket and pulls you from the cold like an old friend that’s been there. His warm vocals shine bright like a lighthouse that guides sailors from a rocky shoreline. It is this balance of pain and comfort that makes Adam Wakefield stand in a very elite class in country music. His music can easily stand with  the late Johnny Cash and Chris Stapleton. His singles “Lonesome Broken and Blue” , “Cheap Whiskey and Bad Cocaine” and his latest single “As Good As it Gets” drives this point home. Adam Wakefield is an artist to watch.

We had the pleasure of doing an interview with Adam Wakefield and I could not be more honored to have him as part of the Southern Fellow family. Check out the interview and then go get his music. Your ears will thank you. Also stay tuned to the end, we will be giving away a couple autographed albums. Here is our interview with Adam Wakefield.

Your road to Nashville had a few curves in it. What finally landed you in Nashville and country music?

I’d been in Baltimore for 10 years, struggling and working 2 jobs on top of running my band and I just needed a change. I visited Nashville and instantly knew it was the place I needed to be and moved here 6 months later.

Who are your top 3 influences and how did they shape you as an artist?

Songwriting: John Prine. Singing: Ray Charles Arranging: John Mayer

If I we were to interview your best friend from high school, what would they say about you?

That I suck at video games. We play together online all the time and he still kicks my ass.

What is your biggest fear?

To be honest, disappointing my mom. She’s sacrificed a lot to give me the opportunities I needed to get here.

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow. When writing music what recipe do you use?

Depends. Truth is important. I always try to say a lot with a little. A small number of good/original ingredients is always better than a bunch of tired ones.

Connect with Adam Wakefield

Tell us about your time on The Voice and something that goes on behind the scenes that viewers would be surprised about.

I had a blast. LA is not really my scene but the folks at the show were a lot of fun and really chill. I think the biggest surprise to folks would be how supportive we all were of each other (it wasn’t like that with every season). i.e. I’d help someone chart out their song for the band while they printed out lyrics. We really were a big family.

What is your first fond memory of food?

My Mom’s “American Chop Suey.” In hindsight it was really just spaghetti with elbow macaroni instead of spaghetti noodles but I loved it.

If Southern Fellow could develop a recipe for you, what would it be?

Something hearty and flavorful… probably with a little whiskey or bourbon in the mix.

Try this inspired recipe

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

This was a recipe for us to do for Adam Wakefield. Both is voice and toasted pecans share a richness that can not be duplicated. We gave a nod to his favorite drink by finishing this pie with bourbon. This recipe is a must try.

If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about?

Does Whiskey count? I’ve got lots of those.

What does the next year look like for you?

I’ve been recording a lot this past year so I’m looking forward to releasing as much music as I can and getting back out on the road.

What advice would you give another artist who wants to follow their dream of making music.

I would say just stay true to what you want to do musically and embrace what makes you different. The music will always fulfill you more than any success or fame could.

“Cheap Whiskey & Bad Cocaine” has a wonderful, classic feel to it. What led you to write that song and why is it important to you?

I wrote this song at a time when a lot of artists were releasing music whining how hard it is being an artist/songwriter here. All I could think was how much fun it is.

You are walking down the street in Nashville and you come across a $100 winning scratch off. What do you spend it on?

Bird scooters, Mike’s ice cream and indoor go-karts.

Is there anything else you want your fans at Southern Fellow to know?

Stay tuned, got lots of new music in the works.

On behalf of everyone, it is an honor to welcome Adam Wakefield to the Southern Fellow family. His talent is undeniable. I am looking forward to more amazing lyrics coming from Adam. You know what time it is. It’s time to update your playlist. You are going to really want Adam Wakefield on there before you start loading it for Christmas. Yes, I know what you are thinking and yes it  is still too early for Christmas songs. Get Adam Wakefield on there. You can get his music in all of your favorite places. You can find his tracks on SpotifyApple MusicYouTubeGoogle Music and Amazon. Also look below to enter in our giveaway.

Thank you for tuning in here to Feed the Band. Make sure to check out Adam Wakefield’s music. Also you can click here to check out all of the artists we have featured on Feed the Band. Stay tuned for more great music and join us in the kitchen with one of our tasty recipes.

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